Saturday, 12 May 2012

Home Improvements

After 6 weeks moving in our place is not totally done and there are still numbers of boxes unpack at the hallway and living room. Dining room is nearly finish though as well as the kitchen and the rest of the bedrooms. What we need for the bedrooms are these faux window blinds and hopefully we could order some soon, I mean real soon before my in-laws visit. It would be nice to have it all done for each of the bedroom windows as the day lights really get into your eyes early in the morning and stop you from lying in late during weekends. It is quite annoying and we couldn't wait for it to be all blinded very soon especially the long days are stepping in. In the other hand, I would love to buy few indoors plants for my hallways, dining and bathrooms. Oh, another long list of things to buy. Have to remember to stick with the budgets this time :)) Technorati Profile

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