Monday, 14 May 2012

Daily Lunch with him

When I stop working I was a little worried that maybe I can't afford to be stuck in the house anymore after nearly 5 years working. But I was so wrong because I was never this relax in my life. Being with my kids 24/7 especially with my toddler is the best thing in the world. Plus, hubby always comes home at lunch time and I always look forward to it. Also, we lived nearby the town and almost close to everything so I can just go out and have fun with my toddler anytime. That if, the weather is bearable as most of the time it is pretty horrible, lol. Anyway, I enjoyed my daily lunch with hubby everyday as long as he is not travelling somewhere like in the next couple weeks. Oh well, its part of his job, I can't complain too much:) Technorati Profile

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