Monday, 14 May 2012

Beginning to love music

I noticed lately how my daughter turn into a music lovers. All we can hear every morning and every night whichever part in the house she maybe she is always singing. I can almost memorise all her current favourite musics she downloaded in her phone. No wonder our itunes balance is going down very quickly. I just top it in and bought couple of apps then now it's back to zero balance. Anyway, it is good that she is engrossed with music, she love to sing and she is such a performer but I'm not sure if she has the great voice. But, there is no stopping for her, like how determine she is learning piano, guitar and many other music instrument. She is going to start her proper piano lesson soon and then guitar lesson will follow next. So, now we know what to get her in her next birthday, a guitar because she already has a keyboard from Grandma. Hence, I check apogee through curiosity and find out it's all about guitars. They currently have some offers on some guitar, I want to have a look and see if anything worth buying now. Technorati Profile

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