Monday, 14 May 2012

Car title loans

Just came across to this site about car title loans Ohio after browsing online. I honestly can't relate because I never tried taking loans when buying cars. Well, we don't often change our car and so far we only use 1 car and don't have any other extra. We tend to trade-in our car after another. Then top-up the rest because we avoid debts and loans as possible. But, I would stress that some loans maybe a better option when buying car as long as it has low interest. There ain't other option for many people especially with the recent economy crisis. Technorati Profile

Lunch talk continuation...

Okay, while having our lunch, hubby mentioned about his next trip to Kenya, Thailand and Philippines. I was like, what? I can just take his trip to anywhere in Africa but Asia? No way Jose! I'm super jelly. Imagine how so unfair is that? It should be me who needs to go and not him, haha. Oh well, maybe I'll take over his job. I just can't easily travel with him because our 2 older kids are at school and making them miss schools is not an option. So, I'll sacrifice my needs for my kids sake and I know sooner I'll be visiting my homeland again. Before the end of the year? Who knows! Technorati Profile

Beginning to love music

I noticed lately how my daughter turn into a music lovers. All we can hear every morning and every night whichever part in the house she maybe she is always singing. I can almost memorise all her current favourite musics she downloaded in her phone. No wonder our itunes balance is going down very quickly. I just top it in and bought couple of apps then now it's back to zero balance. Anyway, it is good that she is engrossed with music, she love to sing and she is such a performer but I'm not sure if she has the great voice. But, there is no stopping for her, like how determine she is learning piano, guitar and many other music instrument. She is going to start her proper piano lesson soon and then guitar lesson will follow next. So, now we know what to get her in her next birthday, a guitar because she already has a keyboard from Grandma. Hence, I check apogee through curiosity and find out it's all about guitars. They currently have some offers on some guitar, I want to have a look and see if anything worth buying now. Technorati Profile

Daily Lunch with him

When I stop working I was a little worried that maybe I can't afford to be stuck in the house anymore after nearly 5 years working. But I was so wrong because I was never this relax in my life. Being with my kids 24/7 especially with my toddler is the best thing in the world. Plus, hubby always comes home at lunch time and I always look forward to it. Also, we lived nearby the town and almost close to everything so I can just go out and have fun with my toddler anytime. That if, the weather is bearable as most of the time it is pretty horrible, lol. Anyway, I enjoyed my daily lunch with hubby everyday as long as he is not travelling somewhere like in the next couple weeks. Oh well, its part of his job, I can't complain too much:) Technorati Profile

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Clean freak or not?

Besides all the colourful bedding I've got for my kids many months ago, this time I am looking for some plain baby bedding especially for my boys. It's easier, neater and soothing to the eyes. I've got them coloured ones already and it is nice to have varieties. I'm not sure if it is only me though or it's everyone's business to keep changing bedding every other day. Strictly speaking, I changed my kids bedding every 2 days. Hence, I've got piled of laundry's every week. Am I a clean freak or what? I hate it when my kids mess around regularly and I yell at them when I see toys scattered around, it's scary! Technorati Profile

Already know the result:(

Was going to watch Britain got talent's final tonight but unfortunately my excitement has blown away by looking at the FB feeds updates. Sadly, someone posted who have won the final and that ends my excitement. This is what social networking has brought to me, always updated so there is no point watching the real shows, is there? I can just check the FB feeds and everything you want to know and don't want to know are there posted regularly, lol. What can you do? You have no control of it. It's the sad fact of life, haha. Technorati Profile

Home Improvements

After 6 weeks moving in our place is not totally done and there are still numbers of boxes unpack at the hallway and living room. Dining room is nearly finish though as well as the kitchen and the rest of the bedrooms. What we need for the bedrooms are these faux window blinds and hopefully we could order some soon, I mean real soon before my in-laws visit. It would be nice to have it all done for each of the bedroom windows as the day lights really get into your eyes early in the morning and stop you from lying in late during weekends. It is quite annoying and we couldn't wait for it to be all blinded very soon especially the long days are stepping in. In the other hand, I would love to buy few indoors plants for my hallways, dining and bathrooms. Oh, another long list of things to buy. Have to remember to stick with the budgets this time :)) Technorati Profile

Scared, NOT!

Hubby just told me that he is going for another trip to Kenya soon. He knows how much I hate him being away from us but we have no choice as it is his job that provides our daily needs and more. I don't know why every time he will tell me about his upcoming trip I'm always surprised for we both know and agreed before he accept the job that travelling will be part of the package. Oh well, I just can't stand being on my own with the kids especially in the night time because I get really scared. But, I know that God is always with us and he'll look after us as he look after hubby in all his trip and to the rest of the people in the world. He is a 'BIG GOD' and the mightiest of all. Technorati Profile

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Preparing for a birthday special for cheap custom t-shirts is what I have in mind for one of hubby's birthday present. Yes, he is going to celebrate his 47th birthday soon and that is something I always look forward to. Another year of his life spent with me. So, this year as usual I plan to take him out for family outing then dinner. Still looking for that perfect place for us to celebrate it with. I have 2 weeks to plan it all well and of course, I would love to surprised him with my home-made cake. It'll be the first:) Technorati Profile