Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Uphill torture...

Finally skype with the husband and the kids super enjoyed their virtual hugs and kiss from their Daddy. Now, its time to head to the dreamland where dreams and fantasy meet. I'm looking forward for another day of torture - walking uphill. Yeah right! It's freaking torture especially pushing along my toddler in the pushchair. Whenever I reach to the top (where the prep school is) my nostrils are surely flapping and breathless. Yes, this time I'd wish I know how to drive. It isn't just an uphill but a steep uphill, really steep. Got it? I purely want a sympathy, haha. I feel sorry for my son. He's a lot chunkier so he is also breathless when we get to the top. My daughter is the one who has the most energy and find it really easy. I'm not sure where she get the energy from. [SIGHED] Technorati Profile

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