Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Home Improvement resume...

Talking about furniture, I have so much in mind. If only our dining room and living room are done, I could have start shopping. Oh well, better wait and see whats the builder is up to and when they are going to finish it all. I'm getting a bit erkkk already for waiting this long. It shouldn't be and God when they are coming to finish their job. So much for that rant, I ain't ready for the wrinkles yet. I have to divert my mind about other ideas of decorating our house to turn it into lovely home. Getting so interested about hickory furniture online, will have to browse more. How about you? Any home improvement ideas for this season? Me, I'd stick to all-in-one, can always add something to accentuate each season. Anyway, I'm hoping the builders will ring us back this weekend. [So annoyed...] Technorati Profile

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