Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Our Apartment & house we rented back in South...

We just spent £1200 for our flat to get rid and treat the moulds. Got a phone call from the agent where we put it on and told us the exact expenses we have to pay for fixing the problem. Apparently, its the common problem for the ground floor apartments and honestly, we are getting tired of it and thinking of selling it. Lesson learnt, do not buy a ground floor apartment/flat in the future. Glad our 5 bedroom house is renting okay and that the people who rented it are willing to spend their own extra money to decorate the entire house. We are so happy about it - someone will look after our house for many years while we rent it to them. Back to our 2 bedroom flat, we do hope the people who live in it will take extra care and that they will read precautions on how to clean moulds.
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