Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Will Organic bath soaps do the trick?

I have noticed that every bath time with my little one he gets rushes, red spots in the end. At first I thought it was only because of the hot water? But then the next time and again he went red all over face and the rest of the body. So, made me think that perhaps it's the bath foam, soap or shampoo that I used. He maybe sensitive to it, allergy and whatsoever. Hubby advised that I should go organic and see what happen. Because, we think my body wash are too strong for him. He's only a toddler after all. Since last week I have research some organic bath soap, shampoos and body wash. There are tons but seaweed detox sound and looks more promising. Might as well give it a try and see how it goes from there. If my toddler will still have red spots then it is worth consulting a dermatologist. What do you think?

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