Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Will Organic bath soaps do the trick?

I have noticed that every bath time with my little one he gets rushes, red spots in the end. At first I thought it was only because of the hot water? But then the next time and again he went red all over face and the rest of the body. So, made me think that perhaps it's the bath foam, soap or shampoo that I used. He maybe sensitive to it, allergy and whatsoever. Hubby advised that I should go organic and see what happen. Because, we think my body wash are too strong for him. He's only a toddler after all. Since last week I have research some organic bath soap, shampoos and body wash. There are tons but seaweed detox sound and looks more promising. Might as well give it a try and see how it goes from there. If my toddler will still have red spots then it is worth consulting a dermatologist. What do you think?

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Soo blessed at 30...

This is what happen when boredom strike! Self-snap, cam-whoring is becoming a bore therapeutic. Anyway, I reached a bigger milestone this year and to be honest I never been so happy in my life. Being 30 is a blessing and I have lived the life I dream of...with my kids and my husband I can't ask for more...My only wish and prayer is to have a good health always. Nothing more and no less!

30th moi

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Monday, 20 February 2012

A Pair of gold earrings...

The weekend before Valentines me and my husband talked about presents and ideas...until we got to the gold subject and how valuable it is today. The cost of gold is much higher and it continues to get higher and higher for many more years. It made us think to invest and buy more certified gold coins for we know its value will continue to rise. Then comes the Valentines day, I got my surprised from the most amazing behalf in the entire world, a pair of gold earrings. I was over the moon - I can't believe up to these days he never cease to surprised me. It never occur to me when he talks about how much expensive the golds are until on Valentines day. Ah, I'm just one lucky wife;-) - he is such a wonderful husband a woman could ever asked for...I'm blessed indeed!

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Festive New Year


Our usual new year's celebration. I strictly imposed a traditional "Media Noche" as we welcome the new year with various of food, fruits and sparkly drinks. My husband is now used to my way of celebrating the occasion and to be fair, he kinda liked it. But I assumed the kids will only celebrate it with us until the day they'll find out that it is much more fun going out and party with their friends on new years day. Oh well...

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Ski Lesson for the kids...

A lot of things we need to buy in the coming months. One of the things that we must-buy are marmot ski jackets because at their new school. They are going to have a ski lesson and all sorts of activities. Ah, I'm too excited for them because I know that this move is going to give them all that life-experienced that I never had during my childhood. So, again, thanked God for all the wonderful blessings. He is good!

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So excited...

I'm easy to please and I get excited with small things comes my way. I'm truly grateful of all the good things that poured to my family and most of all, the good health. Yes, I am a happy person but I am happiest lately and that because God has blessed us with so much. I am tremendously excited!

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cherry Keyboard

Anyone looking for cherry keyboard? There are many fast lead times, competitive prices on Cherry Keyboards these days but what to look for is the one that provides provides the most advanced POS keyboard solutions available as well as suited to most environments and conditions. So, be smart and look for a cherry keyboard that is top of the end in a low price. I bet there are tons of great deals out there so keep looking until you find the right one for you.

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