Friday, 9 December 2011

Loaded of Chores...

I shouldn't be sitting here in my PC now for I can't afford wasting a seconds of my left over time cleaning the entire house for K's make-over party tomorrow. Not to mention, the pile of ironing that need to be done upstairs is unbelievably high. I can't imagine finishing it all today but at least a little amount would help the room a little tidier. Plus, the hallway and living room full of Christmas ornaments that Daddy brought home last night from Grandpa and Grandma's garage. Boxes are everywhere in the house - its impossible to move around. The kitchen is such a mess after kids breakfast this morning and I have to cook food for lunch and never mind that, my breakfast first. Ah, tons of things need to be done so, I have to get my butt off here in the PC and start moving. Grrrrrrrr

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