Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's gonna be an exciting 2012...

One of the attraction in my kids new school-to-be is their very own ski slopes. They made a dry ski slopes for their children to learn skiing as their part of their extra curricular activities. I am very excited for my kids for I know they'll have the best out of that school. Moving to Wales will benefit them more than us. It's one of the reason why I didn't hesitate about the plan.
It is one of a lifetime opportunity and glad that we grabbed it. Other plans for 2012 is for the family to go for skiing and maybe a ski lesson for me so I can catch up with the kids. Oh, here's an exciting news for everybody who thought of going to ski...a company that I stumbled into has launched a fantastic programme of ski deals for 2012. This is great to hear, right? Let's go and check it out!

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Like my personal page FB link ...

It's incredible to see few people have liked my personal page and if you haven't seen it or visited my page then here's a link Personal page in FB, please like it, there is still plenty of room for love. Thank you to those who've already liked it and visited it and thank for the coming fans and visitors too. Oh, my personal blog that is link to it is also badly needing some love so please include it in your daily rounds of blog hopping, here it is...Snaps101...thanks;)

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Friday, 9 December 2011

A Practical Household

Let us be practical! Nowadays, let say - even if we have a quite amount of money sitting in the bank still we have to be practical and always think of the best deal before committing to something. Like running a car cost a fortune these days. So, its just right to find a Cheap Car Insurance available and to always stay on the budget. Controlling expenses can be daunting but there ain't impossible things if we are wise enough to look around for great deals. There are tons around and it just need patience and time to compare car insurance prices. Besides, its not the only bills we have to pay - there are loads others that is why sometimes we go over budget. Keeping control of our outgoing cash is a must and keeping list is also a key. We have to be tight otherwise we can just spend money like water if not careful. To afford the future is to save today! Set aside priorities and only spend for the basics needs. Must avoid impulse buying and all that cost everything adds-up. It's difficult to earn but easy to spend. Waste not want not! Best is to look for bargains and above all, keep a car that is less costly and always buy the cheapest car insurance available. It helps a lot!

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Loaded of Chores...

I shouldn't be sitting here in my PC now for I can't afford wasting a seconds of my left over time cleaning the entire house for K's make-over party tomorrow. Not to mention, the pile of ironing that need to be done upstairs is unbelievably high. I can't imagine finishing it all today but at least a little amount would help the room a little tidier. Plus, the hallway and living room full of Christmas ornaments that Daddy brought home last night from Grandpa and Grandma's garage. Boxes are everywhere in the house - its impossible to move around. The kitchen is such a mess after kids breakfast this morning and I have to cook food for lunch and never mind that, my breakfast first. Ah, tons of things need to be done so, I have to get my butt off here in the PC and start moving. Grrrrrrrr

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Own your dream house now!

There are so many ways to own a house these days. Besides mortgaging you can also do it via installment process and any other ways of payment. If anyone plan to live in a place that is designed for a lifetime then you might wanna check Manor Lakes. As of the current, they have this land for sale wyndham vale and as far as I know it is very convenient to everything from school, public buses, shopping centre, parks, walk path and more...

And, there is nothing that your family could need in Wyndham Vale as it is fully masterplanned land development. Don't you know that they offer a terrific range of an amazing and stylish living options with their several range of land now for sale. So, go and visit them today or see a developer at their Office at 2 Eppalock Drive, Wyndham Vale (Melways ref: 204 H1. Oh their stunning display homes are a must-see! So, don't waste the chance to own your dream home/houses. Check it out as soon as possible!

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Festive Season Fun Stuff

Hubby is finally back from work and from PIL's house picking up more Christmas ornaments and trees. Yes, how many more Christmas tree do we need? Just one more...

Now, I am anxious to put it all up and decorate the whole dining room, hallway and living room. Plus, we might put some extra decorations to the kids playroom. Ah, joy of Christmas is unbeatable for sure. This whole festivities excite us more and more - year after year. The thing is, we can create more fun stuff for everyone to enjoy. This year we are trying to bake a Ginger bread house. So, finger cross!

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Best home builders in Australia

To all my friends and family who resides in Australia - I have a great news! Especially to those who are planning to relocate and buy their first home then I recommend you all to check out Dennis Family homes. It's apparently the biggest and the most successful home builders stand in Australia. So, if you are reading this post of mine then you should check it out or easy to visit and see the display homes melbourne or else visit the site for a further information. I take they have made tons of show houses there for their clients. I heard how they strictly choose high quality materials for their homes to last a lifetime. Build your dream houses with a high quality, spacious, durable and modern at Dennis Family homes based in Melbourne, Victoria Australia as they are second to none! The best home builder in the country and I won't be surprised if they are the best of the whole continent too. Good reputation can sell anytime! I bet they made lots of customer a happy home and a better quality of living by their high quality material houses. What is more is, they offer a great-value of houses. So, what more to ask?

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Continuous wet weather...

It's raining so hard in here today since this morning until now and its already 2 to 9pm. I bet its going to be muddy tomorrow on the way to the kids school, especially in our road here that isn't concreted. In some ways it feels and looks like I'm in the town where I was born and raised in the Philippines. Imagine how horrible it was for me today to go picked up my kids from school pushing along William inside his chair. The part I most hate is when we get back and get inside the house with our very clean and mopped floor. Oh, how muddy the pushchairs wheels! Weather like this made me think of getting a license to drive. I thinks its about time to get started and stop this putting-off 'til tomorrow business. I had enough struggles walking the wet and sticky mud. I wish its easy to get the driving license! Oh well...
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Great flight deals only at Expedia

Planning for a winter get-away? Or thinking for a summer 2012 holiday but confused where to go? Then, why not head out to Expedia? There, you can't can't only find beautiful destinations but also a very tempting prices. Just click the link and like the expedia page then you'll see the current hot deals. Oh my, trust me at their page you'll find so many great deals. I'm so tempted about the business class sales and so many best flights deals on at the moment - only at Expedia uk facebook so check it out! I wouldn't mind a business class ticket to New York or perhaps a warmer place like Spain. I'll let the husband see this first and if there is anything left from Christmas then maybe we could spend a week to somewhere nice and warm. Or treat the kids to skiing - they have been itching to try and have been throwing hints for quite sometimes now. So, I think its about time since our eldest is now 10 yrs old. It's the perfect age to have her started. Oh, I think this hot deals at Expedia is the best by far. Hubby must-see this and maybe we could change our plans after Christmas. I suggest (if any of you here plan for a winter getaway) you must check these amazing deals in expedia at their facebook page. Just click the link above...

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2 days trip to North Wales

Our mini-breaks from the half-term at North of Wales UK. Surprisingly a beautiful place - I'm delighted for the opportunity to live there. Can't wait!


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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Triangle Direct - check it out!

Was supposed to go check my food cooking in the oven when I suddenly remembered to post this link about triangle direct in case anyone is interested to sign-up. A very promising site, that's all I can say. Okay, I better leave you and love you now. I'll be back for more updates later on so, stay tune. On the other hand, check out my business blog at the link above the header. Thanks xx

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A good start for Dec..

December has been great so far. I'm going to be a busy bee this month - with work, home, and parties. And I'm sure everyone too. On the weekend, I went to my son's Christmas fair and lucky enough to win a prize from the raffle. Not, a major prize but little things are blessings too so, I'm grateful for it. After that, we head back home straight away for the wind was strongly blowing that caused everyone a chill. But, I'm glad I had the chance to photography my kids and myself of course. The sun shone all day, at least!

Here's the start of my Dec'11 photos so, feel free to browse! xx

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Gotta make one!

I promised the kids that this year as our first Christmas in our new home we will baked a ginger bread house. Not a fan of baking as I don't have the patience to do it - but for my kids I shall give it a try. Looks complicated but will see how it turns out. I will list of the ingredients today on top of our weekly shopping so I can assure its going to be not forgotten as we always does with things like this. Oh, if you Fancy making ginger bread house too then here's the recipe for you. Just click the link below...

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Prosthodontist Jobs

Its pretty cold here today and the wind chill caused me headache. Just got back from Doctor's appointment for my son. Now, will get my lunch and head off to work. But, first I must post this Prosthodontist Jobs in case any of you is interested. Check it out and who knows it could be a new job for you in the coming new year.

An impulse buy

Its nearly 2pm here and just about to leave for work. Shouldn't shop when you are in hurry because it can caused an impulse buying just like what I did now. Just bought this stripe 2-1 maxi dress. Anyway, I hope it will fit me and I can wear it this coming Saturday for work Christmas party. It's pretty simple dress as I don't want to over do it and be not comfortable the whole night. Alright, done it! I can't wait to have it delivered in 2 days.

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