Thursday, 24 November 2011

for RV insurance....

Searching for an RV insurance can be daunting. One must be experienced enough to browse and compare until the right package is found. Like for instance, compare the best rv insurance quotes online then pick the best one offered. Do not always go for the first one you find and think its cheap enough because you'll never know that there could be a better deal out there waiting for you. So, browse longer, compare more and pick nothing but the better!

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My Toddler

My little one has grown so much already and everyday he is becoming more of a boy. I missed his hair for once but getting used to his new do now. He's much cuter according to Daddy and I agree too. Proud of his milestone and how he develop each day. But, he'll be our baby for quite a long time yet.


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Horse riding gears

Since we moved up here in our current house we have been offered to visit and take a look at the horse ride courses that is just down the road. Unfortunately, until now we haven't had any chance and that's a shame because apart from it is very convenient its also very affordable. But, I guess with all the gears and the accessories it will then add up and become costly. Well, there ain't no cheap nowadays anymore. Just looking at english horse tack by the way and the price is surprisingly affordable. Now, I am thinking to give my kids that once chance experience - a horse riding lessons. Well see...
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Delish Sushi's

Who want's Sushi's? This is just one of my daughter's friend birthday food out of various that they have prepared that special day. My husband was wide-eyed after seeing this on the table for he always thought Filipino only prepare Pinoy foods. He was a happy bear indeed upon seeing one of his fave food. Such a delightful party it was and everyone had a blast!

IMG_9069 IMG_9068

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