Thursday, 20 October 2011

Not now...

My box is overly filled and no doubt, I'll be charged extra for it, like always, lol. Anyway, I get too excited buying stuff for my family in pinas without thinking that it could be too much already. I filled it with all sorts, food, accessories but mostly clothing and sweets. Also, few mobile phones. Not all brand new - my old ones and a couple of brand new. I still pondering of buying an HTC and even more after seen htc buy online with their awesome deals at the moment, so tempting. But, have to stop myself for I'll be spending more money the following week as it is my eldest birthday. Can't do without a party, she'll get upset. I already promise and so be it! So not buying HTC now maybe next year. The gadget is too good not to have one - yeah, next time and that's certain!

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