Thursday, 20 October 2011

Not now...

My box is overly filled and no doubt, I'll be charged extra for it, like always, lol. Anyway, I get too excited buying stuff for my family in pinas without thinking that it could be too much already. I filled it with all sorts, food, accessories but mostly clothing and sweets. Also, few mobile phones. Not all brand new - my old ones and a couple of brand new. I still pondering of buying an HTC and even more after seen htc buy online with their awesome deals at the moment, so tempting. But, have to stop myself for I'll be spending more money the following week as it is my eldest birthday. Can't do without a party, she'll get upset. I already promise and so be it! So not buying HTC now maybe next year. The gadget is too good not to have one - yeah, next time and that's certain!

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Guy Fawkes day

It's this time of the year again where fireworks display are everywhere. I don't know what is is, but whenever I hear or see fireworks it reminds me of my homeland. I couldn't love it more! Now, at store where I work, fireworks are out for sell - buy 1 get 1 free for selected products and my favourite is, the "Defiance" - pricey, but cool. Would love to buy it for this coming Guy Fawkes day. We always celebrate it with my in-laws and part of it is my girl's birthday. Yes, what a coincidence! Looking forward to it! Happy occasions like this help me forget the cold weather, lol.

Btw, photos below was last year's event!

IMG_4353 IMG_4368 IMG_4376

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Flower Delivery

A flower delivery is such a great business these days. Imagine life without this kind of business? It makes occasions and event easy and convenient. Like us, when there is a family member who celebrates birthday, anniversary and any other cause of celebration, we often use flower delivery. Ordered it online, pay and sent, simple as that! So thanked God to those people behind the flower delivery business for making everyone's life easy. Oh, talking about it - I just remembered its hubby's Granny's and Aunt's birthday so might as well send them flowers. This is what I'm talking about. Convenient!

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

2 other love of my life...

It's been a month now that I search for a local photography school but haven't really find any that is reliable and accessible for a Mum who isn't mobile like me. Well, online there is ICS learning that offers a course for £450 something and I think its the best one I could find. I told hubby about it and he agreed 100% - in fact, he is the one who've been bugging me all this time. And after photography course I can proceed to fashion and design which I think both course works perfectly. It's my dream and my passion and had to give it a shot. Photography and fashion are my other 2 love of my life.

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Osprey Backpacks...

Half-term is coming and the family are planning for a trip to Wales again for 3 days and 2 nights. So, I am left to get our stuff sorted for this trip. With 3 kids in tow I'll sure will packing the whole closet and one or 2 luggage won't be enough. Perhaps, I have to practical and just bring what we really need. Or else, look for an excuse to buy a new Osprey Backpacks. I like the quality, simple as that. Well, I have the time all day today to shop, be it online or going to the town as one my fave shops are doing 50% sales. Gotta get ready if that's the case as it is already half passed 1pm. Only few hours and my 2 boys will be back from their day out.

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Too cold

I planned to take my 2 kids to the town today to run errands but the weather made me too lazy to even go downstairs and have my breakfast. We refused to turn on the heater yet because its till October. Also, we are saving as we are not in the flat anymore in which will consumed more gas and will rake up our bills. But it's so freaking cold that I even shivers. Already wrapping my self up with few layers and socks. Oh gosh, its feel so winter already. How can this be?

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for a better career...

Project Manager Jobs are fairly limited nowadays. Since our economy crisis is still ongoing and many companies are cutting out staff that causes thousands of jobless people all over the nation. I just wish this will resolved soon but as they'll get worst before it gets better. That is why youngster should focus their education always as it is the key point for a better future and career. Parents should always encourage their children to do better in school. As a mother, I always taught my kids to be more independent and responsible is such a very young age because we never know what comes tomorrow. Well, myself is looking to improve my job and long-term career and since the company whereI work has a huge opportunity, I am not that worried anymore. Also, I'll be pursuing my study soon if not later next year to build-up for a better career.

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Reaching double-figures soon...

K's portrait

Yes my first baby is going to be "10" very soon. Still looking for a themed party that will suit all the 10 years old kids. Was pondering make-over party but since my princess are inviting boys as well then we have to rethink for another themed. Feeling so pressure but I know everything will be alright. For my girl's birthday its got to be the best!
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