Thursday, 22 September 2011

not ideal ways of parenting....

As a child I was brought up with a super disciplinarian/strict parents. We get grounded every mistake without given any second chances at all. They were so strictly on us (literally) and was not very supportive with our childhood needs and wants. They didn't like the idea of having friends and hanging out with them as if they didn't passed all that stage of their life. Oh dear, still so fresh in my mind how my Mum used to pinch our ears, slapped us in front of our classmates or friends, beat us with sticks and how my Dad used his belt to hit us too. But, instead of getting scared we turned even more rebellious. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents so dearly and until now, I helped them financially and I even missed them. But I disagree all that way of parenting. Imagine, how I missed schools because my body were covered with bruises? I really don't want anybody to see or know that I was beaten by my Dad or Mum but eventually we got used to it and couldn't care less. It wasn't just us though, because pretty much all the parents in our town were the same. They think beating their children was a better way to raise them or make them obey rules. It wasn't that bad I supposed for I grow up with a full loads of respect to my parents and love them unconditionally. I can also see the guilty feeling after my parents beat us. But never heard them saying sorry to us afterwards. I guess, having too many children is not ideal unless you are Bill Gates who can afford to feed limitless kids and hire thousands of nannies. Well, Hubby and I hope that we can raise our kids in a right way with God's guidance.
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