Thursday, 4 August 2011

Talking 'bout iphone..

After years of hesitation I finally got one. I thought its about time for me to try this world popular gadgets. Behind my curious mind there is this hesitation that tells me not to get involve with whatever the latest gadget in this earth. But what the heck! I'm so addicted to it already and knowing I only got this handy electronics a month ago. Well, I got a really good deal and thought why wait for the latest model when you can get the older one in less than half of the price of the new one. Still had to be practical for there are some other priorities in life. As long as I have a mobile I can use everyday at the same time can entertain me when boredom strike. And guess what? Its doing more than I thought it can. I'm basically in to it and enjoying every inch and ounce of my new toy. Love it, absolutely God sent!

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