Thursday, 4 August 2011

Missed 'em badly...

What is it with me? When the weather is crap I become so moody. Poor hubby has to put up all these grumpiness, silences and sulk. I'm like having my PMT everyday. I just snapped at hubby while were watching television downstairs and then I stormed off upstairs and now I have been sulking for like 2 hours. It's not doing me any good at all. Badly need some break. Is the reason why am looking forward for our coming trip to the west country. Although its only short but that's all we need really some family get-away to take some pressure off from house chores and work. Hubby needs it the most as he has been working pretty hard this year and yet he don't get any appreciation not even from me. My bad, yeah? But hey, I love him and just because I don't often show it but deep inside in my heart I love him with all my heart. I'm just missing my family back in Philippines - it's been 5 years I haven't able to visit them. That's pretty long. Hopefully things will work out better for me and my plan this year. Ah, finger cross!
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