Thursday, 4 August 2011

Local 2nd hand furniture shop

Yesterday while heading home from the park we passed by the old second hand furniture in the town and with a little glance through its window hubby saw some bar supplies for sale. Its been a while that we are looking for stool bar (specifically) and other stuff like for our kitchen drinking bar area. This second hand furniture shop comes very handy as they sell stuff as good as brand new in such a low price. Its where we bought our dining chairs and few other house furniture. Not only they have the most affordable price for a second hand shop but they also pick the most high quality furniture. It's a good old shop, I tell you. If you see all our purchased, you wouldn't believe its only second hand. More likely, it cost hundreds of pounds brand new and to get it as cheap as £40 - its total bargain! Why spend more, if you can get quality stuff in such a cheaper price?

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