Thursday, 18 August 2011

Don't rely for just 1 - get Extra!

Looking to shop for nikon camera batteries? Then you might just arrived in the right site. Here I have a link for you in which you can click and browse through for Nikon batteries. It's always handy to have extra one in your camera bag. You don't want to get disappointed once you run out of batteries in the middle of snapping, do you? Oh well, better be ready always in case. I am about to get mine and few other photography gear and accessories. I always make sure I have extra one or two with me wherever I go especially when I just keep on clicking until I get the right shot, right frame and angle. That alone can consume a whole load of fully charged battery in just an hour. So, an extra battery and other camera accessories are a must!
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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Under the weather...

I'm so not feeling since I came back from our very short summer break. I must have caught some bugs somewhere in that trip and until now I'm still a little drowsy, sluggish and lazy. I haven't done anything at all apart from loading and unloading the laundry. In other term, I am not motivated in doing chores. Might as well wait until I have the mojo to do so. I'm still a little exhausted perhaps plus my period is about to come and that alone ain't helping. Besides aching everywhere, I'm also feeling so sleepy - partly because I have been so late going to bed. Tonight, I might break that bad habit and start sleeping early. I guess I'll take it as tomorrow night since its already passed midnight and still I am here updating my blog. Oh well..
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Monday, 15 August 2011

Unique wedding bands

A wedding ring is one of the most emotionally important purchases we will ever make and thought that everyone deserves more than just popping down the high street and buying a mass-produced product. When my husband proposed, I never would have thought he had my engagement ring made it specially for me. I felt so loved and wanted. It was surprisingly fitted my finger so well. I was the happiest bride for I married the most amazing man in the world. My big day was totally a dream! So, if you are looking for an engagement/wedding ring I suggest you go for triton wedding bands, with its most stylish and unique designs you couldn't go wrong. Make your bride's day a most memorable one.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Moi recent pics..

Just moi taken yesterday in the park. My daughter took the first couple of picture and obviously, the collage are self-snaps. Yay, that how much I love myself, lol. Can spend my whole time cam whoring. You'll definitely get bored viewing my pics, I tell you. But hey, we have to take advantage of our younger age and take as many pictures for once we get old and wrinkly we'll surely hide the camera to the deepest corner of the attic. So, this is my days and my moments :-)

Hottest day so far reaching 85F today about 28 degrees so thought of making d most of it.Stolen shot effect

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for smokers...

Here's a life insurance for smokers out there who happen to stumble upon this blog of mine. If you carry on smoking for the rest of your life that might as well make sure to get a life insurance just in case. Might as well suggest it to my behalf since he didn't totally give up smoking yet. At least there is something to fall back on to in case. Life insurace for smokers is not a bad idea after all. I'll check it out before I go to bed and read out some further information. You should too...just click the link.
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Missed 'em badly...

What is it with me? When the weather is crap I become so moody. Poor hubby has to put up all these grumpiness, silences and sulk. I'm like having my PMT everyday. I just snapped at hubby while were watching television downstairs and then I stormed off upstairs and now I have been sulking for like 2 hours. It's not doing me any good at all. Badly need some break. Is the reason why am looking forward for our coming trip to the west country. Although its only short but that's all we need really some family get-away to take some pressure off from house chores and work. Hubby needs it the most as he has been working pretty hard this year and yet he don't get any appreciation not even from me. My bad, yeah? But hey, I love him and just because I don't often show it but deep inside in my heart I love him with all my heart. I'm just missing my family back in Philippines - it's been 5 years I haven't able to visit them. That's pretty long. Hopefully things will work out better for me and my plan this year. Ah, finger cross!
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Shop and save...

Its nearly weekend and before that, I have to go to work one more day and's my holiday that I been waiting for months. Though its only a week but heck, I still look forward to it. Even more that this weekend I plan to go shopping and buy all the things that we need for our mini-break. I have few coupons that needed to redeem before it got expired. Oh, to those who have lowe’s coupons at dropdowndeals so, please do not forget to redeem it as soon as possible. If I'm right they have these daily deals and local deals that we wouldn't want to miss out. Gotta hunt for great bargains. That's what we do, nowadays. Shopping at the save time saving as every little penny counts!

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Talking 'bout iphone..

After years of hesitation I finally got one. I thought its about time for me to try this world popular gadgets. Behind my curious mind there is this hesitation that tells me not to get involve with whatever the latest gadget in this earth. But what the heck! I'm so addicted to it already and knowing I only got this handy electronics a month ago. Well, I got a really good deal and thought why wait for the latest model when you can get the older one in less than half of the price of the new one. Still had to be practical for there are some other priorities in life. As long as I have a mobile I can use everyday at the same time can entertain me when boredom strike. And guess what? Its doing more than I thought it can. I'm basically in to it and enjoying every inch and ounce of my new toy. Love it, absolutely God sent!

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Local 2nd hand furniture shop

Yesterday while heading home from the park we passed by the old second hand furniture in the town and with a little glance through its window hubby saw some bar supplies for sale. Its been a while that we are looking for stool bar (specifically) and other stuff like for our kitchen drinking bar area. This second hand furniture shop comes very handy as they sell stuff as good as brand new in such a low price. Its where we bought our dining chairs and few other house furniture. Not only they have the most affordable price for a second hand shop but they also pick the most high quality furniture. It's a good old shop, I tell you. If you see all our purchased, you wouldn't believe its only second hand. More likely, it cost hundreds of pounds brand new and to get it as cheap as £40 - its total bargain! Why spend more, if you can get quality stuff in such a cheaper price?

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