Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wishing for an Xbox...

Just got them (my kids) a Wii few months ago and now my son is wishing for an xbox, already? I was totally shocked when my 5 year old demand for an xbox last night. He got bored of the Wii already and wanted a new electronic games. We thought it would take them at least a year to ask for anything. Goodness, aren't kids these days are a little spoiled? So, guess what? I told him to wait until he is 7 to get what he wish for. Or work a little harder on his school and maybe...(only maybe) we will get him an xbox as a reward. To be fair, he has a great school report but still he has to wait at least a year or so to get another gaming stuff. Dear oh dear! What the kids are like these days?

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