Thursday, 14 July 2011

Off is over again...

My days off are almost over - back to working again. Though I'm only part-time but still I get tired and wish I can stay at home everyday of the week. I work only Monday and Friday but recently I accepted overtime and that's during weekend where I can earn more without paying any babysitter. Hubskie is my babysitter for the weekend. I need to earn more as I spend more...hehe. Anyway, tomorrow's my daughter's sports day and I have to go watch it since Daddy is going for his meeting. Glad its morning as its my only available time. I haven't done any cleaning yet so, I'll be stuff in the morning. Not sure how long the sports day takes. If its all morning then I don't have a time to clean the house. Maybe, I leave it until Saturday night. Not that bad at the moment though. Its just that I'm used to my routine of cleaning the house every Friday morning before I go to work. Anyway, I better get going - its getting late in here:)
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