Friday, 8 July 2011

Mending Tips and such...

Our new house is looking more like a home now. After we spent a fortune in it. New boiler, added radiators and new hot water tank as well as sun room revamped. Everything added and now we are officially skint. So, there will be no spending for 6 months and maybe onwards, lol. Got to diet and etc. Anyway, after nearly 2 months (on and off) knowing these builders, we (me and hubby) has learned many things about buildings and fixing and mending stuff as well as fittings and various materials and equipment. So, the next time our house needing for mending we should be up for it. Tubing Bender is another new thing that we learnt. Ah, hiring professional carpenters are such a good idea. Not only they make our house a home, they also taught and show us many things that might be handy in our everyday living. It's a good thing sharing ideas and knowledge, doesn't it?
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