Thursday, 14 July 2011

Buildings, Metal and etc...

I'm getting sleepy now and I should be going to bed but I'm so engrossed watching this Filipino Series entitled, "Reputasyon", "Amaya", "Munting Heredera" and "Sinner or Saint". These are the "Teleserye" that I'm currently following every single day. The story are awesome and so far so good. I just hope that Director wouldn't tweak it around too much just to make the story longer like any other Filipino TV soaps. It always start great then somewhere in the middle they tweak it too much that it loses its plots and made the watcher or viewer bored. Anyway, so much for that...On the other hand, I should be getting ready to rest for I have an early tomorrow. But couldn't let go of my current fascination...metal buildings has totally caught my interest all of a sudden. I think part of it is my thought of building a little empire for my family back in Philippines. It all started from searching building designs and such...Ah, I wish to pursue all my future plans.

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