Thursday, 23 June 2011

Disliked 'em...

I would have gone completely insane without mags, papers and online news. Oh, my online Filipino shows too. Its few of the things that keeps me going besides my kids of course. Yes, as I mentioned in my previous entry, our weather ain't helping at all. Anyway, showbiz news fascinates me the most. With all these cheating rats (footballer to be precised) probably needs to stay in a sex rehab for the rest of their lives. Goodness! How can they live a life like that? Do they have some conscience and self-respect at all? Its absurd! Not a fan of any footballers though. Any cheating morons are not attractive at all. Putting them in a rehab will surely help them back to being a normal human being again. Some say, its simply an obsession. Whatever the reason behind, its not acceptable at all. Don't get me wrong though as I have so much respect for those men who stayed faithful to their marriage. I simply look-up to them and say, that's what men should be. Real men, I supposed. Its important for men to have a "word of honour". As they exchanged vows (if they remembers of course) to love, to be loyal, to be faithful and have eyes only to their wife. Well, they might argue about how they don't pledge to have their "d**k" only to their wife but that shouldn't take a brain cells to work out what a marriage package deal is. Blimey, these cheating rats irritates me! They should be sent out to hell!

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