Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ways of getting fit...

Finally, I started doing Wii fit - just last week when the hubby bought the kids their Wii and lots of Wii games came with it too. Of course, hubby had to pay for it separately as their no such things as "Free" anymore these days. It costly but I must say its all worth it. While the kids enjoyed their games, I also enjoyed my Wii fit. Ah, I'm working to be lean before summer and looks like I'm getting there. At facebook a so-called friend said, Wii fit is rubbish but all I can say is, we're individual and believed in different ways of things to get fit. While I believed that Wii fit is my thing the others also believed ab cuts diet pills and such. Yes, it really depends on individual. I have nothing against any of it, I'll just do whatever I think is right for me. So, if I'm happy with it then so be it, right?
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