Thursday, 5 May 2011

For their church

When I thought I was bad when it comes to shopping and buying stuff impulsively but I actually wasn't as I have a friend who is more worst than me. When she sees thing that she thought she like, she'll get it without any hesitation. Whether it is sale or not, she don't really care. Once we popped in to this second hand shop in the town and it happen to have this wooden podium then, the next thing I know was, she already paid the thing. I asked where she's going to use it - and she said, she's going to donate it to their church. Well, she's definitely thinking ahead and planned what she wants to spend with her money on that day. And, I supposed it was not a bad buy at all. So, I suggested that perhaps she should buy a candle stand along with the podium. She did in our last stop.
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