Thursday, 26 May 2011

Couldn't keep up

Guess who's climbing up in Daddy's desk right now? Ah, I'm so tired of following him around. Why is it, that toddlers can't sit still even for a second? Put him down in the floor and the next thing I know he's up somewhere doing thing that he shouldn't be doing. How can be so impossible to stay in one place. All I ask is even for few minutes until I finish updating my blog. Ah, motherhood it is - joy? Ah, I couldn't keep up!
Anyway, I better have a quick read about Acneticin before I take my little one upstairs in his room for a nap. I kinda looking for acne cream for myself as my previous wasn't the best and didn't help getting rid of my acne's. Acneticin, from its name it sounds promising already.

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