Thursday, 26 May 2011

Chores waiting....

Its Thursday - cleaning time as Friday's a working time. Looking at the state of our house its like the Tsunami just gone passed us. The messed are everywhere - I don't know where I start. Not only that, the laundry is piling up day after day. I have stocked of ironing to do but its kinda impossible to do it at once when you have a toddler to keep an eye of at all the times. At the moment, he is not so keen on my living him on his playpen or playroom. Separation anxiety hits at this stage of his life and that he wants Mummy on his sight 24/7. Ah, I'll just have to do it while he's asleep but when that would be? He seems so active these days climbing up and down in the stairs liek "Yoyo", I can't even sit down for second. Anyway, I have to take him with me in his room so at least I could start sorting out his clothes and Kuya while he plays with books or his toys. After searching about Sferra of course. It got me curious after a friend talked about it in chat the other day. Who knows, it might me something to keep me beautiful. Well...I have to see, yeah? Let the chores wait for a minute, lol.
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