Thursday, 26 May 2011

Just exercise...


I noticed, I'm getting leaner just after a week of doing my exercise. My doctor's advised is to avoid crash diet and especially when breastfeeding. So, I tend to eat 3 full meals a day and some snacks in between meals. I'm working on it and I'll sure get there where I wanted to be. I'm happier and fitter and that's what's its all about.
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Ways of getting fit...

Finally, I started doing Wii fit - just last week when the hubby bought the kids their Wii and lots of Wii games came with it too. Of course, hubby had to pay for it separately as their no such things as "Free" anymore these days. It costly but I must say its all worth it. While the kids enjoyed their games, I also enjoyed my Wii fit. Ah, I'm working to be lean before summer and looks like I'm getting there. At facebook a so-called friend said, Wii fit is rubbish but all I can say is, we're individual and believed in different ways of things to get fit. While I believed that Wii fit is my thing the others also believed ab cuts diet pills and such. Yes, it really depends on individual. I have nothing against any of it, I'll just do whatever I think is right for me. So, if I'm happy with it then so be it, right?
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Couldn't keep up

Guess who's climbing up in Daddy's desk right now? Ah, I'm so tired of following him around. Why is it, that toddlers can't sit still even for a second? Put him down in the floor and the next thing I know he's up somewhere doing thing that he shouldn't be doing. How can be so impossible to stay in one place. All I ask is even for few minutes until I finish updating my blog. Ah, motherhood it is - joy? Ah, I couldn't keep up!
Anyway, I better have a quick read about Acneticin before I take my little one upstairs in his room for a nap. I kinda looking for acne cream for myself as my previous wasn't the best and didn't help getting rid of my acne's. Acneticin, from its name it sounds promising already.

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Weather not-so-great today

Weather: It don't look so great outside - its gray and cold. In other words, "miserable" and yeah rain is heading its way. I hope it will hang on until I picked up the kids from school. It would be so hard for me to pick them up while its pouring especially with a poorly toddler in tow. Ah, I just have to wrap him up under the pushchairs cover. Oh, looks like Mister Sunshine is popping out - heard my wish. Oh well...
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Chores waiting....

Its Thursday - cleaning time as Friday's a working time. Looking at the state of our house its like the Tsunami just gone passed us. The messed are everywhere - I don't know where I start. Not only that, the laundry is piling up day after day. I have stocked of ironing to do but its kinda impossible to do it at once when you have a toddler to keep an eye of at all the times. At the moment, he is not so keen on my living him on his playpen or playroom. Separation anxiety hits at this stage of his life and that he wants Mummy on his sight 24/7. Ah, I'll just have to do it while he's asleep but when that would be? He seems so active these days climbing up and down in the stairs liek "Yoyo", I can't even sit down for second. Anyway, I have to take him with me in his room so at least I could start sorting out his clothes and Kuya while he plays with books or his toys. After searching about Sferra of course. It got me curious after a friend talked about it in chat the other day. Who knows, it might me something to keep me beautiful. Well...I have to see, yeah? Let the chores wait for a minute, lol.
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Bluebells photoshoots

Like we do every year, we go to bluebells wood and take family pictures. But, this year it was only me and my older two because baby Will was asleep so hubby had to take him straight to Granny's house (MIL)after dropped us at the entrance to woodlands. Since it was a very windy day I had to bring with me some warmer clothes. So, underneath my green clothes was a blue jeans to keep me warm, lol. Yeah, it took my fancy to have this kind of shoot. Thanks to my kids for cooperating with me. My 5 yr old did really great in taking these photos.

IMG_3626 IMG_3617

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Famous Cigars

Its funny how hubby and I talked about our past. Almost every night we have a 1-2-1 talked and I think it is necessary for a couple to have this kind of intimacy. Back when we are still dating, I can still remember how he told me the time when he was still smoking cigars. I asked if he had any famous cigars or really good ones. He said, Yes. And, If I am right, he still have boxes of cigars in his Father's garage but I don't know about cigars brands at all. Oh well, I'll hope to find it out soon!
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Friday, 20 May 2011

Checking out steel buildings

Had to checked out steel buildings now. Its just a random interest from me this time of the night. I don't know why but its like a sudden urge in my mind that I need to check it right now. Do I sounded strange? Well, knowledge is a power so, if it means I will learn something about it then so be it. What my mind wants, will get! Anyway, I have to paused after this because I needed to put my older two to bed. Its getting late and they are still upstairs in their playroom playing Wii. Oh well, its weekend - they are allowed to stay up late.
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Part of Lewis Castle


This is just another bit of what's left in Lewis castle. According to the map it was quite a big castle but of course was damaged during the war or it aged. Been to this place 6 years ago and just visited again since then. It was a great choice and the Lewis town was quite astonishing too besides its castle. Finally made it this time! Our date could have been moved because there are far too many exciting places to choose from. But glad we sticked to it.
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What could it be?

The other night I accidentally saw hubby's monitor that he was looking for an anniversary gift for me. He caught me but I quickly pretend that I didn't anything. But the truth is, I did peek a bit and it look so exciting. And besides, he already got me an advance anniversary present which he handed to me the other day. However, he said there's another exciting thing for me coming and I had in mind that he was looking for this everlon diamonds few months ago. Could it be it? I am so impatient with gifts I can't help but to keep guessing what it might be. Am I the only one? Nah, whatever it is I'm sure I'll be just as happy.
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Rare tulips


Seen this tulips at Lewis castle and I thought it was beautiful so I took a photo but sad to say it didn't come out as good as I want it to be. But with the help of texture and photo actions, it looks a lot better. I want to have this kind to plant in my garden next year. So, I better find the seeds - we haven't got it in our store today so will try in other stores.
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Friday, 6 May 2011


I read about lipozene reviews last night and it seems very interesting. After that, I feel asleep beside my baby boy and the next thing I know it was already morning. I haven't done all my task yet and hopefully I can finish it all this morning. I have to delay my breakfast until I finish my work for I am going to work later and before that I want to clean up a bit so my friend who'll look after my kids will not feel unsafe in this untidy and messy house. Alright, I hope to read more about lipozene later tonight when I get back from work. Its hard to do it all at once when I had so little time. Ah, TGIF!
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Few more lbs to go...

As if I am doing anything about my weight. Actually, its all because of breastfeeding my little one. It helped a lot. I can't do any dieting unless I wean my little one. But I am thankful that it somehow help me back in shape little by little. I must admit, exercise would probably do the trick but I am just too lazy and can't be bother to do some these days. I wait until my baby is a bit bigger and maybe I will stop breastfeeding then I can think of taking a fitness lesson. How's that? No promises though, I say I'll wait until then.

IMG_2456 IMG_2446 IMG_2468

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Titanium ring...

Would you believe if I say I haven't seen a titanium rings? Its true - I don't deny it. And now, all of a sudden I am having interest of searching for one. I don't know but it just came out of the blue. Might have something to do with my sister's being engaged to her long time bf. As we talked about their upcoming wedding, we have discussion about on what kind of rings their having. I suggested it should just be plain gold but her bf want something fancy in it. So, what do you guys think? Any suggestion? Please, will you share it with me here? It would be great! Will a titanium a good idea?

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Barbecue anyone?

The entire month of April was amazingly glorious - weather wise. Apparently, it'll be our warmest month this year. Glad, we took the most of it and did barbecue almost everyday. My friends came over twice and the kids had fun in the paddling pool. I must say, it was the best April we ever had. I wish summer would be the same but guess not. Anyway, here's our barbecue...feel free to drool, lol.


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Thursday, 5 May 2011

For their church

When I thought I was bad when it comes to shopping and buying stuff impulsively but I actually wasn't as I have a friend who is more worst than me. When she sees thing that she thought she like, she'll get it without any hesitation. Whether it is sale or not, she don't really care. Once we popped in to this second hand shop in the town and it happen to have this wooden podium then, the next thing I know was, she already paid the thing. I asked where she's going to use it - and she said, she's going to donate it to their church. Well, she's definitely thinking ahead and planned what she wants to spend with her money on that day. And, I supposed it was not a bad buy at all. So, I suggested that perhaps she should buy a candle stand along with the podium. She did in our last stop.
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Our Flat is now rented...

It was such a relief to see our flat rented so quickly after it was being done decorated. Two guys signed for a year contract and that covers pretty much the mortgage and such. Yes, we spent a lot of money having it all painted, new windows, new carpets too. Since, the flat is located nearby the town, train station, hospitals, shops and etc. So, it let by pretty quickly. We are happy to keep it and have it rented and pays itself. Who knows, in 5 years time we will invest more and buy another flat. We will see how this one goes first. But it looks like a very promising investment. Here's few photos I snap the night before the new people move in.

IMG_2808 IMG_2809 IMG_2799 IMG_2822 IMG_2806

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