Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pay back time

‎-kids last day of school tomorrow (Christian's finish @ 1:30pm and 2pm for Ate Kk - I'll be at work but we're lucky enough to have Tita Bea around). Anyway, at least the kids don't have school for 2 and a half weeks (Easter break) and won't be back until the 27th. At last, I can enjoy just being at home and do some gardening, unpacking more boxes and organising.

Btw, I'll be heading out to bed soon as it is nearly midnight here again. Didn't plan to stay up this late but I got hooked up into number of things online and FB is one of it, lol. Right now, I also have to check something very important - about disability application and such. Just a friend of mine asked it yesterday and I want to return all the favour she did to me when I needed her help regarding with my blog. So, now its payback time. Hope I can get out as many information about what she asked.

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