Friday, 11 March 2011

The Final Countdown...

Yes! We are definitely moving and this time, we have the date fixed. So, expect some real excitement here and there from me. I'll be engaged soon doing extra jobs, painting and decorating our new home to-be. I'm truly, truly excited, super duper to the highest level. I (or we) have been waiting for quite a long time already and its happening. I now have the final countdown. List of things I need to buy and one of it is le creuset cookware though I already bought a few from the town's special sale. But few seems not enough for me - I need just one more. There is plenty of room in my new kitchen this time so, I can buy all the kitchen stuff that I have been longing to get for years now. Ah, bit by bit I'll get there eventually. Moving house itself is enough to keep me excited for the rest of my life. Yay, couple more weeks to go and we'll be in our new family home.

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