Thursday, 24 March 2011

I'm off now...

Since we have the best weather so far, I thought of enjoying it as it might only last for this week. As the world knows how crazily cold Britain's weather. So, gotta get off in here now and start cooking my lunch. I will have stir fry noodles with veg in it and then I should head out to enjoy the beautiful weather before I go pick up my kids from school. Tomorrow its going to be lovely too but I'm not able to enjoy it as I'll be sitting in front of the checkout assisting Friday shoppers. But, that's life - we have to work in order to live and to enjoy. Its exactly the same with our health, it has to be balance, right? Okay, I know this is getting boring so I shall stop in here!

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Heads and blemishes free

So many questions I encounter day by day and this time, I was seriously asked by a friend of how to get rid of whiteheads? I told her I'm not the expert therefore she asked the wrong person. Why not go see a professional or dermatologist, yeah? To be honest, I have the same problem for years now. I couldn't get rid of my own blackheads and whiteheads. I have used so many different cream for it but still its not going away. Suddenly, I thought that maybe I have used the wrong cream so seeing a dermatologist might help. I went this morning to the clinic and book for an appointment but its not until 2nd week of April. Ah, I couldn't wait for I am tired looking my face with this horrible heads. Well, there is this link where they have tips of this exactly kind of problem. So, might as well check it out.

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Tall and beautiful


The trees are from Tilgate park and lake. As we walk by the Lake side we passed by this tall and beautiful trees. I stopped and took a good picture of it and so glad it came out great. As they say, "everything has its own beauty but not everyone sees it" but, with this trees, I've seen its defying beauty every time I go to this park. I'm even so fascinated by its tallness and thought, how lucky I am to have seen this wonderful world of nature. I can't complain life as it gives me so much joy every single seconds of it. I love life! Its beautiful!

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One and Only

Daddy is so great to us and always thought of us all the time. Just this morning before he left to work really early he kissed us all and even left some coins for the kids pocket money and activity fees. Kath needed £2 for her swimming every Thursday and I took the rest and bought something for little Willy in the town. Its not only this morning - it is actually his daily routine to make sure we are alright for the rest of day. Although, I have money and own bank account but still it didn't stop him to think of us. How nice to have a husband like him - I'm truly blessed! In return I always pray for his safety and that God will keep his hands with him throughout the day. Love this man with all my heart. The best Daddy in the world too.

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I belong here...

We're so lucky to have lived just nearby everything. Its such a convenient for me since I don't drive. We're pretty much close to everything such as bus stations, train stations, shops, towns, parks, schools and etc. So, during weekends we can just hop on the car or go for an afternoon walk or to the park. I'm loving being in the area like this - it helps me a lot in many ways especially not to feel homesick all the time. My life keep me busy and active that I don't have time to think that I am not in my homeland. I'm used to my new adopted country now and I am grateful. Also, thankful for the people here who are so warmth to me and I don't feel stranger at all. I felt like I belong here and that is a great signed!

Anyway, here's a picture of a swans who happily swam with his partner safe and free.


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Possible jobs

Another glorious day today - thanked God for it! I just came back from sending my kids to their school. Of course, along with my little one though we dropped by at the clinic to rebook my 13th month's old immunisation for I missed it last week. My bad, I know! But its better late than never! Anyway, I am about to fix my lunch and of course the kids early dinner for later and this time I have to make them steam vegetables. I better check out charlotte jobs so, I can get started of my cooking as soon as possible because my tummy is already rumbling. Hope it'll be what I expected - I have to keep looking for alternative job in case.

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FIL's 74th

birthday boy!

Cheers to the 74th day of his life and many more years to come yet! This is my Father in-law and he was just celebrating another year of his healthy and strong life. It was couple weeks ago when he invited us down to celebrate a late Family Christmas lunch and an early birthday celebration. We had a great time and we hope for more family get together to come.

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Friday, 11 March 2011

The Final Countdown...

Yes! We are definitely moving and this time, we have the date fixed. So, expect some real excitement here and there from me. I'll be engaged soon doing extra jobs, painting and decorating our new home to-be. I'm truly, truly excited, super duper to the highest level. I (or we) have been waiting for quite a long time already and its happening. I now have the final countdown. List of things I need to buy and one of it is le creuset cookware though I already bought a few from the town's special sale. But few seems not enough for me - I need just one more. There is plenty of room in my new kitchen this time so, I can buy all the kitchen stuff that I have been longing to get for years now. Ah, bit by bit I'll get there eventually. Moving house itself is enough to keep me excited for the rest of my life. Yay, couple more weeks to go and we'll be in our new family home.

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One day it will...

To be asked as a wedding photographer is such an honour for me as it has been my dream to do so. Was already asked one but unfortunately wasn't able to go due to transport problem. Anyway, few of my very close friend asked me if I could be their wedding photographer and I said, "certainly" without doubt. The problem is, their miles away from me. I know one day it will eventually happen and by that time, I want to be the perfect and prideful wedding photographer I can ever think of. Honestly, it would be a dream come true! So, now I'm kinda practising this specific shoots and even considering of buying books about it. Have been looking online already and still undecided on which one to buy. Any ideas?
Btw, this photos was a test-shot at Debenhams.

IMG_9554 IMG_9553 IMG_9552

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Ergo baby carrier is second to none...

Looking after babies are a lot easier these days. Well, compare to what I've experienced 20 yrs ago back home where I just carry around baby with my bare hands. Where as now, you are spoiled with a lot of choices to ease you from the pain. Baby carriers really made a huge different of todays parents. With lots of brand to choose from but one has became the worlds favourite because of its lightweight features, comfy and breathable padding and most of all its versatility use from newborn to toddlers. It has everything that most parents wants and that is no other than the ergo baby carrier. Top brand, top seller and world's easy to use baby carrier you can ever come across with. Plus, its machine washable too. So, why look for something else?
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Fave Digi-layout


Like this? It's one of my digital arts design I made few nights ago. It's becoming my fave past-time activity for years now is to always make our picture a history to behold. Many of my friends asked how I did this? I haven't really record a video all about it but don't worry for as soon as I have time I'll try to make one and post it online to share. For now, let me just share one of my current favourite layout. Cool, ain't it? Oh, there's a lot
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Industrial Pumps

I'll be working tomorrow and I should go back to sleep now. But, one more thing that got me caught to look are the hot deals of industrial pumps. I don't why but it just caught my interest so might as well take a look at it and see what it is all about. Might be a good use somehow - be it personal or commercial. Learning stuff everyday doesn't hurt at all. It widen my knowledge to helped people who might need it. Well, from its name it sounded like a big thing. Ever heard of one? It actually looks like this....

Isn't it an interesting piece of technology? Well, I think so...I might just be so naive but at least now I know what is an industrial pumps.
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Wide awake in the midst of the night...

I'd fell asleep while putting my little one to bed and that was 4 hours ago then I woke up of him coughing along. Thanked God, he's now back to sleep again. Had his cough for about a week now but getting better. I guess, it has something to do with his teething as he drools and dribbles a lot too. Anyway, once I'm up its hard for me to get back to sleep so might as well take advantage of this opportunity to update my blog while waiting for my photo upload via flickr. Oh, here's few snaps of me that was taken couple weeks ago.

IMG_0081 IMG_0127 IMG_0124

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