Thursday, 10 February 2011

Meeting Jo

me, cheryl and joseph

Photo above was taken during my youngest first birthday. As usual invited my few close friends and a new one. Jo and I known each other via Facebook. It happen that we have common friends + he came from the same town where I was born and grew up. I added him and with message...if its okay for him to be my friend. He was only few weeks here in UK and to my surprised he accepted my invite. Few chats and comments here and there and until I invited him personally to come over to my place to celebrate my son's birthday. So, we finally met! He is such a sweet person, loving and very friendly like. I was pleased to have open my heart to him and build our friendship. Such a pleasure!

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forsythea said...

Hi, I tried to send you a message on your chatbox but for some reason it wont send! By the way, thanks for visiting me back, you look so familiar, asa man ka nag eskwela? and also, kaila ko anang Joseph, schoolmate mi pag highschool...oh I wanna ask you too, if we could xchange links if you don't mind? here are my blogs and
you can check it out first, then, let me know if you're interested. My blogs are fairly new...Thanks in advance!