Saturday, 26 February 2011

A little treat


I have been into fashion since I was just a little kid - in fact, I always spend my savings with the new trends. As my mum told me, you don't need to follow and get what you want now for its better to wait and save for something better later on. For me, its about what I want that will make me happy. I know my mum was not wrong with that but also I wasn't any different from those they called "typical teenagers" who want to look cool and were impatience . Blame it all to the tv commercial, adverts and most of all to the celebrity. Its were I get it. I looked up them as role model and of course I want to look good as them so therefore I have to get whats new whatever it takes. Luckily, I've changed a lot since I start working and earning my own money. I realised it was not that easy to spend the hard-earn money that cost me tons of blood and sacrifices. I got tighter and tighter even more when I became a mother. I learn how to budget (do's without) though occasionally I treat myself. The ring above was one of those day when I had to shut my eyes and paid it. I thought I deserved a little treat from all the job well done as a mother and wife 24/7.

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