Saturday, 26 February 2011

Just a thought..

Spring is here! The weather lately are pretty good - I was able to take the kids out yesterday to the park and today hubby just took us to the nearby family park. The kids had fun looking all those farm animals and park. While watching the ducks and different birds further away from where we walking my son wished he had a binocular. Well, I bought him one couple years ago when he was only 3 but it got broken after a week. I was so disappointed. I told and promised myself that I will never buy a cheap one anymore as it just a total waste of money. I rather get him a nice quality one - just like the steiner binoculars for it will last longer. Ah, maybe this Christmas I can list it as one of his presents. Of course, it has to be a secret so I won't tell him till then. Well, just a thought for now, anyway.

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