Friday, 18 February 2011

Its what sisters are for...

Right now I am checking the top rated diet pills and God knows how many times already I attempt to purchased one but cancelled in the last minute as I am not sure whether its the right one for my sister. I have to check her if she is willing to take it and give a serious thought of losing weight then I can pursue my orders. Few of the reason why he never want to diet is that, she has an ulcer. She gets heart burn once she don't have enough food and get really snooty too. I'm hoping that diet might do a lot of burning all her calories at the same time give her all the nutrients and supplements that the body needs. Ah, its her birthday today so I guess she will be spending time with the rest of our family. Will probably talk to her tomorrow and discuss about this thing with her. I'm willing to help her and its what sisters are for.

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