Thursday, 10 February 2011

For the new house...

I'm getting boring with this statement " when we move house" and how long that was when I started saying this? Well, blame it to the poor house market lately. Its the reason why our move has been long delayed. Anyway, I am still waiting and God knows how many weeks till it actually happen. Fingers cross! If it happen sooner I would be the happiest person alive. But then, I'll be very busy setting up decors and organising our stuff as well as busy shopping for furnitures and few other things that we need. We might even need a lot of cabinet knobs as my kids tend to play and break it. I have no idea how we going to start again but in God good hands we should be able to deal with it. Hubby has loads of old bed and mattresses in my in-laws garage so, it might help a little. We just have to be tight and buy the things that we really need the most as our budget won't be that much after we will pay half of the house amount in cash. Ah, we'll be alright.
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