Monday, 28 February 2011

Being supportive...

Conference call services is what I heard from hubby all the time. Pretty much everyday he's been part of conference call but I have nothing to complain about since its part of his job. I would not be so happy when he comes home redundant so, I quite understand his job although sometimes it got too much me to be with the kids almost 24 hours a week. With all this shaky economy we're all facing right now keeping a job is highly important to ones household. So, as blessed as hubby to have still his job is quite a miracle - so, whatever it takes to keep his boss happy I'm just behind him supporting all the way.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011

A little treat


I have been into fashion since I was just a little kid - in fact, I always spend my savings with the new trends. As my mum told me, you don't need to follow and get what you want now for its better to wait and save for something better later on. For me, its about what I want that will make me happy. I know my mum was not wrong with that but also I wasn't any different from those they called "typical teenagers" who want to look cool and were impatience . Blame it all to the tv commercial, adverts and most of all to the celebrity. Its were I get it. I looked up them as role model and of course I want to look good as them so therefore I have to get whats new whatever it takes. Luckily, I've changed a lot since I start working and earning my own money. I realised it was not that easy to spend the hard-earn money that cost me tons of blood and sacrifices. I got tighter and tighter even more when I became a mother. I learn how to budget (do's without) though occasionally I treat myself. The ring above was one of those day when I had to shut my eyes and paid it. I thought I deserved a little treat from all the job well done as a mother and wife 24/7.

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Just a thought..

Spring is here! The weather lately are pretty good - I was able to take the kids out yesterday to the park and today hubby just took us to the nearby family park. The kids had fun looking all those farm animals and park. While watching the ducks and different birds further away from where we walking my son wished he had a binocular. Well, I bought him one couple years ago when he was only 3 but it got broken after a week. I was so disappointed. I told and promised myself that I will never buy a cheap one anymore as it just a total waste of money. I rather get him a nice quality one - just like the steiner binoculars for it will last longer. Ah, maybe this Christmas I can list it as one of his presents. Of course, it has to be a secret so I won't tell him till then. Well, just a thought for now, anyway.

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Great food made by great friends...

hearts day with friends '11hearts day with friends '11hearts day with friends '11

These are the food me and my friends made (well, my friends only) on hearts day. Our husband was all at work so we decided to have a mummy's hearts day instead. It tasted so good and I was even able to bring home some for my dinner. Ah, I'm so blessed to have found such great friends whom I can spend time and hang out with anytime - it did help a lot of my homesickness.

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Fine Bed Linens

Since I arrived here I find it really satisfying to have found many fine bed linens. Unlike when we live in my country it was such a struggle to find something very specific which is 100% cotton. Well, one time my in-laws had given me an Egyptian bed sheets and linens but it got ruined when I washed it together with the coloured sheets so, I have no choice but to throw it away. Such a shame though for it was my favourite of all. I would love to buy more of those as it was made of a fine quality material. At least I know where to get it, soon after we move in the new house. I'll be able to accessorise our bedroom according to my taste. I'm really excited and can't wait for that to happen. Soon, as I always said.
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Black and White


I have been a fan of black and white photos and so, I learn how to capture it. A little editing and tweaking done via PSE6 but not to in extreme way like others do. I leave it as natural and simple as possible. Anyway, this photo of me was taken last weekend during our family dinner date in Pizza express. Thanks to hubbylabs - my photographer as always when it comes on my solo pictures or with kids.

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Nearly Spring...

Has spring sprung? I've seen snowdrops already and few other spring flowers but still the temperature hasn't gone down as much as I want it to be. I'm so tired of wearing layers and thick coat and is longing to wear lighter clothes. But I know the quicker I wish it to be the quicker it'll get over too. However much I wish, it would never happen anyway - time has it own mind and it won't just change because I wish it to be. Anyhow, I am delighted that hubby got me a heated blanket last Christmas so, whenever I get cold inside the house I can just snuggle up with it and get cozy as bug. Its a lovely thing to have - I highly recommend it.

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New Addition to my DS kit

This afternoon I spent my whole time shopping for more scrapping kit. Once I decide to visit my fave digi-store I will never leave the site empty handed. It never happened I walk out with nothing so, I always end up splurging out for there are tons of eye catching new designs. Though, I hope to create a layout of this in the next few days otherwise it'll just be sitting on my digital scrapping kit album with cobweb all over it. But, I am determine to do scrapping, if not tonight then tomorrow or the next day or even the rest of the week. I'll sure try to motivate myself just to get use of my newly purchased kits. I'd bought about 6 in total and were costing me $36. Not much though but still a money...

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Fuji Cameras

With all the different brands of cameras available these days, fuji digital cameras still one of the best. I had one for years and before I even meet my husband and until now my sister is still using it. They are one of the finest camera manufacturers. So, when you are looking to buy one then do not hesitate in getting Fuji as it will capture a fine pictures and even deliver an excellent videos too. Trust me, its just as great as you can get. My daughter has one and she love it. I used it most of the time when capturing a video of them. Handy and easy use!

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Friday, 18 February 2011

Creamy Chicken Wrap


This was one of the food that my friend prepared during my youngest 1st birthday. Cheryl, to be specific - who made this creamy chicken wrap. It was so tasty that my husband and another white guy considered eating it and even ate all the leftovers. It was so easy to prepare it as well. Is thinking to make like it this weekend.

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Easy way to remove tatoo...

I had a friend who was searching for a tattoo removal cream few years ago. Back then, I know nothing but laser it out just as how they put it in the first place. Little did I know that there is a removal cream you can use to get rid of your tattoo. I might check it out to make sure I know all the information in case another friend or someone will ask me again. Often little knowledge can be dangerous. So, never advice anyone if your unsure. I guess many people will prefer a less painful way to remove a tattoo. Wouldn't you?
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Rihanna's a hottie

Yeah, who wouldn't wish to have Rihanna's sexy bod? Gosh, those legs are just way too hot. Her performance on Brits award was brilliant. She had made many men drools for sure. I've seen a few on TV who was watching like a dog (tongue's out), lol. She's definitely a hottie and she know's how to work on her body. Oh boi!

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Non-stop Food feasting...

It has been a non-stop partying and get together with my friends for the past few months. Well, it all started October (the halloween party), November (my daughter's birthday), Dec (Christmas - the holiday), January (New years day and my birthday plus my first son's birthday), then February (my youngest birthday and 2 of my friends daughter's birthday) and so on. Ah, it never ends, does it? So, no wonder I put on weight again after I just lost few pounds last week. Nah, fat burning supplements might be needed if this partying and non-stop eating will go on. Dear, oh dear! Before I knew it, its Christmas again and I have never shred any of my excess fat at all. How sad:(

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My son's 1st birthday gift, cake and accessories...

Following photos are from my youngest first birthday. I had this all in mind couple months before and gladly, I ordered just in time. My William's 1st birthday wasn't the Grandest but it was certainly the happiest and funniest celebration we had. Small but consist with all the people who love my son. Though he didn't really understand all about it - it was just sort of thanksgiving for he has been an easy, happy and healthy baby all year. Couldn't be more grateful:)

IMG_8877 IMG_8873 IMG_8875 IMG_8878

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Its what sisters are for...

Right now I am checking the top rated diet pills and God knows how many times already I attempt to purchased one but cancelled in the last minute as I am not sure whether its the right one for my sister. I have to check her if she is willing to take it and give a serious thought of losing weight then I can pursue my orders. Few of the reason why he never want to diet is that, she has an ulcer. She gets heart burn once she don't have enough food and get really snooty too. I'm hoping that diet might do a lot of burning all her calories at the same time give her all the nutrients and supplements that the body needs. Ah, its her birthday today so I guess she will be spending time with the rest of our family. Will probably talk to her tomorrow and discuss about this thing with her. I'm willing to help her and its what sisters are for.

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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Freshly baked Pizza

IMG_8541 IMG_8552

This was couple weeks ago when hubby, I and the kids made a fresh pizza from scratch. It tasted so good! Ah, tonight I have to think whats for dinner. I might knock some tuna and make some sandwich with it. The kids are getting pickish so I have to get off and start cooking. Ciao for now:)
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For the new house...

I'm getting boring with this statement " when we move house" and how long that was when I started saying this? Well, blame it to the poor house market lately. Its the reason why our move has been long delayed. Anyway, I am still waiting and God knows how many weeks till it actually happen. Fingers cross! If it happen sooner I would be the happiest person alive. But then, I'll be very busy setting up decors and organising our stuff as well as busy shopping for furnitures and few other things that we need. We might even need a lot of cabinet knobs as my kids tend to play and break it. I have no idea how we going to start again but in God good hands we should be able to deal with it. Hubby has loads of old bed and mattresses in my in-laws garage so, it might help a little. We just have to be tight and buy the things that we really need the most as our budget won't be that much after we will pay half of the house amount in cash. Ah, we'll be alright.
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Meeting Jo

me, cheryl and joseph

Photo above was taken during my youngest first birthday. As usual invited my few close friends and a new one. Jo and I known each other via Facebook. It happen that we have common friends + he came from the same town where I was born and grew up. I added him and with message...if its okay for him to be my friend. He was only few weeks here in UK and to my surprised he accepted my invite. Few chats and comments here and there and until I invited him personally to come over to my place to celebrate my son's birthday. So, we finally met! He is such a sweet person, loving and very friendly like. I was pleased to have open my heart to him and build our friendship. Such a pleasure!

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Online Teaching Degree

At 29 I thought it would be too late to pursue a degree but I just chatted to a friend in America who is 5 years older than me and is currently taking a teaching degree online so, I thought why not I try to get qualifications too? I have always wanted to be a degree holder - if only I can go back time as it is my only regrets in life. My husband is working hard and as we are 16 years apart I thought once he retired I can still carry on working and bringing more income into our household. It would help a lot and to our kids private education. I just have to wait for the house move to make a final decision. Everything has been resume till then.

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Moi 2011

It took me nearly a year to earn this body again. How did you get that? Is what everyone asked me. Well, I eat 3 times a day with in between snack but I tend to eat what my stomach can cope not just pig out for the sake of it. I try to be healthy not only for myself but for my kids as well. Since last year we don't keep junk food such as crisp, chocolate and many other goodies that are unhealthy. I don't skip meal either - with the kids in the house food has always in the table. Do I exercise? Not that often. I don't go to the Gym at all nor do I have fitness equipment at home. I tend to do it as natural as possible. I walk with my kids to the school every morning and pick them up too. In my spare time I play with my little one and at the same time danced with him. But what contribute the most of my weight lost is that I nursed my baby and until now. Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby but also for the mother. But, I wouldn't mind having a treadmill when we move to a bigger house soon. Hubby and I really need to keep up with our kids as they get older they tend to be active and always dragging us to some activities every weekend. And with no exercise at all - our bones and muscles are kinda weak. So, it would be great to be fit! Anyway, here's the latest of me...

IMG_8601 moi-bw IMG_8556

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Friday, 4 February 2011

Plantation shutter...

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PR 2, not good.

Why oh why? My blog has PR3 previously and now all of a sudden it went down to PR2. What the heck is going on with Google? Oh well, its not gonna change anything so, I shouldn't be bother with it. Google don't make sense most of the time anyway. Peace!

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Such a great bunch of friends

I've been out with my friends house this afternoon with few others and with my kids too. Che, was kind enough to invite us to eat her cassava cake and a very delicious dinner too. I enjoyed the chit-chat as always and the definitely needed all those good laughed we had. We even plan for this year's Christmas and where we should do it and what food to prepare. Christmas Cards are already in the list. Ah, such a good bunch of friends I have found here. Just what I need all this years that I am away from my homeland. Never felt homesick that often like I used to because I have feel the love, the support and most of all the chit-chats when I need it the most. I'm super lucky!
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Expensive Months

From November to this month has been so costly for us. Why? November was our daughter's birthday then came Christmas and my sons birthday and oh not to mention mine too. Just done my son's 5th birthday celebration with his friends and 30 plus kids came and the next day it'll be my youngest 1st birthday. Though, I'm not making it big but a small celebration with close friends here at home. That is why I am kind of busy for the past weeks preparing for everything. Not much but enough to keep me away from online world. Ah, can't believe how time goes! My youngest is going to be 1 yr old on Thursday. I wish him a very good health all his life.
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