Sunday, 16 January 2011

Retail job is a piece of cake...

When I was a teenager I was so jealous of all the sales ladies back in Philippines. I said to myself that one day I'll work in a retail job and so, I tried soon after I graduated high school. But I didn't succeed because applying a job in my country was not as easy as I thought as they'll give you tons of requirements to comply then your not even sure if they'll hire you after that. But then, who would have thought that very simply dream of mine was fulfilled now? Its the easiest job you can get here in the UK, how bizarre! Imagine, I only applied once along with my passport and visa and there I was hired after 5 minutes of interview. Yes, as quick as that would you believe? Honestly, I don't understand why Philippines retail store give applicants hard time. Its not a difficult job - even a 10 yrs old can do it. Well, you just have to be tough though for some other customers might end up tearing you apart. But, most of them are great people - few a**** here and there, lol.

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