Thursday, 20 January 2011

Quite a hard job

Hubby's works involved loads of document scanning and printing. He often stay late at night doing it because its the only time that he can work well without any distraction from the kids. Its the trouble living in a small PAD with 3 kids. I felt so sorry for hubby as he don't get that much sleep at all. Go to work early in the morning, come home in the night and still carry on working and more on documenting almost every night. I sometimes have to nag him to get off his computer and go to bed because I can see how tired and sleepy he get. How I wish things is easy and simple. But I'm afraid its the reality of life and all we can do is to live with it. Must need to relax and loosen a bit sometimes though or we could end up suffering over fatigue. After all, our health are far more important.

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