Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Officially 29th

Thanks God for another year - for my wonderful 29th birthday!


For the past week I had been ill - caught a seasonal virus (FLU), not a great way to end and start the brand new year but nonetheless I still enjoy my birthday. Previous year wasn't the greatest as there we're up and downs but what keep me going? Definitely, my husband and kids - they are my reason to live more. On the other hand, I look for all the great and positive thing that are coming or already came my way. Again, thanks to my ever loving, caring and supportive husband and my wonderful kids who gave me reason to smile everyday. This year is going to be great! I thanked God, for giving me another year to enjoy, to live, to laugh and to dream more! To my friends online/offline - thank you for always being there for me. thanks for your love, greetings and warm wishes on my special day. I felt so blessed:)

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