Thursday, 20 January 2011

Love is more than a gift..

Hubby's first Valentine Gift to me

Above photo is hubby's first ever valentine present for me and since that occasion, he's been carry on doing it. Every hearts day, he never cease to surprise me. He is quite generous and been so great since the day we met. I cay say that I'm the luckiest woman alive for having such a wonderful and amazing husband. Having said that, I wonder what will be my valentine's day 2011 gifts from him. I can't think of anything and I actually don't ask or mention anything recently because I don't want to give him more pressure of spending more money as he only got so little or worst no cash at all. So, I just let him take the pleasure of surprising me or even a valentines card will do just great. His loyalty and love for me are more than enough, anyway. Again, I could not ask for more than that.
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