Saturday, 8 January 2011

is over...

Holiday is totally over after months of preparing for it, shopping, putting up x-mas tree and wrapping presents then all of a sudden it is over. But the memories will always be remembered forever! The joy of Christmas is seeing children happy and smiling and getting excited for the day. Parents always made sure that their kids will have the greatest Christmas year after year. Its all stressful to maintain but worth it in the end. My kids this year were so amazed of Santa and his generousity towards the children. He never failed to surprised my kids and tons of presents as expected. The kids were delighted and overjoyed with all his kindness. Its what they look forward each year.


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irel said...

We are also fortunate that Santa never failed to bring them something for Christmas! Although Christmas is not only for receiving presents but it's one of those memories that families are going to have for eternity and of course for the glory of the lord! Happy 2011!