Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dining table and chairs...

I'm extremely excited for our moving house soon - hope all the paperworks processed will go as smoothly as plan. Along with my excitement is having to buy new furnitures. We need pretty much everything from kitchen to bedrooms. On the other night, I was getting late for my bedtime due to browsing dining tables and chairs online. Hubby was surprised with my choice of colour lately. I don't know if it is sign of ageing but I am liking Mahogany furnitures these days. Hubby said its very 1970's and he ain't happy about it though he'll just follow whatever makes me happy. I found one that tick all the boxes but unfortunately it is out of stock. I hope they'll have a new stock coming soon. I also would like to have 8 chairs because 6 just ain't big enough. I will have to wait and see because for now, we're having a little complications with the survey result. We are about to consult some expert and seek their advices in regards of this. Hope things will fall in to its place.

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