Thursday, 20 January 2011

Love is more than a gift..

Hubby's first Valentine Gift to me

Above photo is hubby's first ever valentine present for me and since that occasion, he's been carry on doing it. Every hearts day, he never cease to surprise me. He is quite generous and been so great since the day we met. I cay say that I'm the luckiest woman alive for having such a wonderful and amazing husband. Having said that, I wonder what will be my valentine's day 2011 gifts from him. I can't think of anything and I actually don't ask or mention anything recently because I don't want to give him more pressure of spending more money as he only got so little or worst no cash at all. So, I just let him take the pleasure of surprising me or even a valentines card will do just great. His loyalty and love for me are more than enough, anyway. Again, I could not ask for more than that.
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NYE food feast


Having friends around is great! When I look back few years ago when I was just a newbie in this country I often felt homesick and lonely because I have no one to rant on to, to chit-chat and to hang out with. Then my kids has not only completed me but also gave me the greatest pleasure in life. Through them, I meet friends via school. So, glad that I have found them and now, we are like a family. Every occasion, we party, we celebrate together and oh, how great cook they are. I'm so spoiled rotten with different menus. Just like on our New Years eve party - the food was beautifully presented and arranged and of course very tasty - so mouthed-watering! Drooling and craving here while typing, lol.
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Quite a hard job

Hubby's works involved loads of document scanning and printing. He often stay late at night doing it because its the only time that he can work well without any distraction from the kids. Its the trouble living in a small PAD with 3 kids. I felt so sorry for hubby as he don't get that much sleep at all. Go to work early in the morning, come home in the night and still carry on working and more on documenting almost every night. I sometimes have to nag him to get off his computer and go to bed because I can see how tired and sleepy he get. How I wish things is easy and simple. But I'm afraid its the reality of life and all we can do is to live with it. Must need to relax and loosen a bit sometimes though or we could end up suffering over fatigue. After all, our health are far more important.

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29th b-day

Not getting any younger at all, lol. Just couple weeks ago I celebrated my 29th birthday - (click the link for more pics) with my family. Had a small cake that was bought by hubby and few presents too. The greatest gifts that I always have on my birthday are the presence of my beautiful kids and a loving hubby. I couldn't be happier! So, blessed and thankful that God has given me another year to live and to enjoy. I'm grateful and blissed!


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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Retail job is a piece of cake...

When I was a teenager I was so jealous of all the sales ladies back in Philippines. I said to myself that one day I'll work in a retail job and so, I tried soon after I graduated high school. But I didn't succeed because applying a job in my country was not as easy as I thought as they'll give you tons of requirements to comply then your not even sure if they'll hire you after that. But then, who would have thought that very simply dream of mine was fulfilled now? Its the easiest job you can get here in the UK, how bizarre! Imagine, I only applied once along with my passport and visa and there I was hired after 5 minutes of interview. Yes, as quick as that would you believe? Honestly, I don't understand why Philippines retail store give applicants hard time. Its not a difficult job - even a 10 yrs old can do it. Well, you just have to be tough though for some other customers might end up tearing you apart. But, most of them are great people - few a**** here and there, lol.

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Different shade of purple...

This set of photos were taken last year "Spring 2010" and I am so looking forward for this year spring once again. I can't wait to take photos of different flowers as gorgeous as these. I am a nature-love and I love to explore as many botanic garden this year. I would definitely go to Kew Garden and London's Botanic Garden too and maybe in many other more places that has lots of flowers in it. A field of lavender is what I am aiming this coming spring/summer and fingers cross if I can find any. I'll have to drive down to countryside I guess.


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Hand dryers at work

At work our hand dryers are all replaces into this super extremely fast dryers. Whereas before, it takes like forever to dry my hands. It somehow consumed more electricity rather than saving some and finally, big bosses paid attention with it and had it replaced at last as well as our customers toilets. So, not only us (staff) are happy but also the customers. Fast hand dryers are a must in to every shops, restaurants or any public places as it is one of the customers attraction as part of the hygiene. Like me and the rest of my colleagues, we are super happy now that we don't need to spend like 5 minutes to dry our hands. No more long wait!
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Dining table and chairs...

I'm extremely excited for our moving house soon - hope all the paperworks processed will go as smoothly as plan. Along with my excitement is having to buy new furnitures. We need pretty much everything from kitchen to bedrooms. On the other night, I was getting late for my bedtime due to browsing dining tables and chairs online. Hubby was surprised with my choice of colour lately. I don't know if it is sign of ageing but I am liking Mahogany furnitures these days. Hubby said its very 1970's and he ain't happy about it though he'll just follow whatever makes me happy. I found one that tick all the boxes but unfortunately it is out of stock. I hope they'll have a new stock coming soon. I also would like to have 8 chairs because 6 just ain't big enough. I will have to wait and see because for now, we're having a little complications with the survey result. We are about to consult some expert and seek their advices in regards of this. Hope things will fall in to its place.

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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Fat burners side effects

All this time I have wonder if there is such thing as fat burners side effects? Does anybody experienced side effects on fat burner pills? Well, if in doubt then might as well check on the right stuff before committing to anything. Looking for the best fat burners can be a daunting task. We must be aware of fake sellers too as there are loads around. Lets make sure we buy the right product frpm the right seller. Be sure to check on customers feedback and do as many research or seek advice from expert if needed. Remember, taking diet pills ain't a joke!

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It is the new soap in GMA that I am following lately. The episode just started 4 days ago and I love the story line - even my 4 yr old son is becoming a fan on it and always watching it with me. Though, I had to translate every word they're saying and it can get pretty tiring. Just finish watching the 4th episode and its getting exciting - can't wait for the next one. My daughter just watched it with us tonight and oh, loads of question from those little mind. Anyway, glad that GMA made a soap like it which is child friendly. It's quite fascinating to listen my kids keep asking question what's happening. But action explains it all - so, I only had to translate a little bit.
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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

a quick shop before I'll pick the kids

Its already the 12th of January 2011 and now its 6 minutes passed 1o'clock in the afternoon. Time goes so quickly, ain't it? In an hour or so, I'll be picking up my kids from school. Thanks goodness for I still have a little time to shop online as I needed it for my son's coming birthday. Also, I want to find out more about melatonin - the word itself made my curious mind interested. I'll better start doing what I meant to do now or else my time will be totally wasted. Got to load the laundry into the machine first then I'll come to do my browsing. I wish everyone a happy Wednesday!

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Officially 29th

Thanks God for another year - for my wonderful 29th birthday!


For the past week I had been ill - caught a seasonal virus (FLU), not a great way to end and start the brand new year but nonetheless I still enjoy my birthday. Previous year wasn't the greatest as there we're up and downs but what keep me going? Definitely, my husband and kids - they are my reason to live more. On the other hand, I look for all the great and positive thing that are coming or already came my way. Again, thanks to my ever loving, caring and supportive husband and my wonderful kids who gave me reason to smile everyday. This year is going to be great! I thanked God, for giving me another year to enjoy, to live, to laugh and to dream more! To my friends online/offline - thank you for always being there for me. thanks for your love, greetings and warm wishes on my special day. I felt so blessed:)

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Get acne free...

As a normal person I tend to get acne every now and then but thanks to many acne treatments that I can always rely whenever I get one. A lot of teenager these days tend to get panic when they get acne but my advised is, they should always wash their face with fresh clean water every morning and evening before they apply any acne treatments. Good sleeping pattern helps too and I can prove that. Because, I also get spots when I am sleepless and its kind of annoying sometimes. That is why I always make sure I get to sleep more when I have a time - like when putting my little baby to sleep I also sleep. Easy and simple as that!
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Limited time

It sounds and it looks like I am sitting the PC all day but the truth is, I rarely have time at all because I have so many chores that needed to be done everyday besides looking after 3 kids. Well, my kids are not that difficult though but I have laundry, ironing and cleaning from time to time that keeps me up and down from PC. When I have a chance I sit down and upload photos then had to run and do other chores. Life as mum, eh? So, basically I am updating my blog and facebook when I am on PC and it doesn't sound that bad at all. Busy here and there but managed to keep up both offline and online.
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Poster printing

Just yesterday I chatted with a friend and she said she was looking for a poster printing services that can deliver within 24 hours. I don't think there is such thing unless you contact the service staff and ask for a special postage package, right? Well, she assumed that there could be possibly one that will do an express delivery. I hope she found one or she could have try to see if they can cater her needs. These days everything can be negotiable depending to FAQ and TOS of course. Anyway, this is just a little something to share for everyone tonight. I'll share more later...
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an old Flickr account

This was my very first flickr account that was created on March 2006 and was resume and nearly forgotten until today I once opened it again and decided that it could be a good use of my 2011 take on photography since my 2nd account was more on compiling all my photos from my kids down to our adventures and outings. I don't really want random people viewing and commenting my family photo in there so, I just better keep it as for my friends and family use only. Keeping both account but will have to think about getting a PRO of my original later if free ain't enough.

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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mobile upgrade

In 6 months time, my phone contract will end and I am thinking to upgrade into an iphone 4. Oh, thinking about it made me more excited. I also want as many accessories for it including otterbox iphone 4 and other cool stuff like that. Ah, there are just many things you can do with iphone that is why its the most widely used mobile all over the world. It'll be my very first time to own it. Exciting! Yeah, I can't wait any longer - if only I can turn the time a little faster I would, definitely. That's how desperate I am to have an iphone.
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is over...

Holiday is totally over after months of preparing for it, shopping, putting up x-mas tree and wrapping presents then all of a sudden it is over. But the memories will always be remembered forever! The joy of Christmas is seeing children happy and smiling and getting excited for the day. Parents always made sure that their kids will have the greatest Christmas year after year. Its all stressful to maintain but worth it in the end. My kids this year were so amazed of Santa and his generousity towards the children. He never failed to surprised my kids and tons of presents as expected. The kids were delighted and overjoyed with all his kindness. Its what they look forward each year.


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Pergo - best laminate flooring

Last year as we viewed many different houses, the first thing I always get attracted to is their wooden flooring. I told hubby how much I would want to have a not carpeted flooring. The great thing about wood flooring is, it is easy to maintain or clean and it look even neater than any other kind of flooring. But the house we just bought are all carpeted apart from the hallway. So, hubby and I thought about installing a new flooring the day we move in. I came across with pergo and it is the best I stumble so far. I should discuss it with hubby today and see what he thinks about it. Laminated is low maintenance and easy to install. It could be done the day we move in - its hassle free and sweat free. What more could we look for?

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Midnight snacking

Ah, I've done it again! Could have stop it if I went to bed early but now its always the thing to regret after isn't it? I just had a chicken sandwich - could not even bother to make a healthier one, grrrrr. Then, I'd wonder why my wait has never gone down since my youngest is 3 months old. Yes, I'm not making an effort here to lose weight but as soon as we move in to the new place things should get better. Ah, I'm bored of saying this but I can't wait for that day to really happen. Hope by the end of this month? Could be...if not the first week of Feb.

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