Thursday, 21 October 2010

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is very soon approaching. I thought, lucky to those who are in America because they can shop until they drop. I used to envy my friends who can go to shops on Black Friday sales and get a real bargains. I didn't know that, there are also sites that has this special day sales. I can't wait to break the husband's bank balance in Black Friday. Well, I will never leave the site with an empty hand and that I can assure of. How about you? Are you saving for that day? Well then, be ready for we know, its one of the best sales in the entire year. Perhaps, this will be a good start to buy Christmas presents for family and friends.

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Binocular is my son x-mas wish...

Would binocular good enough to find my first crush? [LOL]. Or telescope would be better?

Ah, if you wonder what I am talking about, just read my previous post. It's about my first crush during my high school years. It was such a memorable moment of my life. I was too rebellious and too wild. I wasn't the favourite of our teachers at all. But, never regret anything from the past. It was all fun but, done and dusted.

Anyway, my son is talking about a binocular for his Christmas present. I don't know why he suddenly like the thing. Whereas, I bout him one couple years ago and, he broke it. Ah, its up to Santa really. If he thinks my 4 yr old is good enough then, who knows he might get what he ask. But, I doubt it!

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FB Circles of friends

I have been long addicted to this facebook. The worst thing is, there is no treatment found yet. [LOL]. FB is really addicting at the same time quite a good access to my old lost friends and classmates. Through FB, I found half of my long lost friends and few classmates from both high school and grade school. Its really a fun networking site and the best that I came across by miles unless a new one will come along. Anyway, now my list of friends are reaching nearly 600 and most of them I know previously when I was still single and naive. [LOL]. But one thing I want to find is, my first crush... (which became my bf in the end of our second year high school)where the hell is he now? I still haven't found him in any networking at all. It just nice to see how he is like today, hehe. I wan't to see why he was my crush for the long time until I met my husband. If I can remember, he is not that good looking guy. But, he was very neat and tidy especially in our uniforms and in whites. I wonder if he is married yet? Find out, find out, find out! FB, please grant my wish!

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Just a sleepless night

Right now, I have this really big acne under my lips. Its kind of itchy and sore. When I wash my face this morning, I had to really gentle while rubbing the soup in my face because, I don't want to pop it. Just one sleepless night that caused it. Amazing, how quickly I get an acne for just a night without a sleep. That is why my sleeping routine is very important to me. But, I can't avoid a sleepless night too especially with an 8 months old teething monster in my side. Yes, did I just reveal our secret? Alright, baby Will is sleeping with Mummy and Daddy every night. So, that is why, some night he can messed up my sleeping patterns. Anyway, the other night, I had to really ask hubby to buy me an acne medicine because I want to get rid of this big acne right under my lips before the weekend comes. I want to look good this weekend family do. So, fingers cross. I only have a day or two.

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I'm having one soon...

Oh, how I can't wait to move. This PAD is getting smaller and smaller everyday. Or maybe we are just too many to be living in this small flat? Maybe is...

Anyway, the house we viewed today was pretty amazing. Did I just say it again? Oh well, I can't stop praising the layout of that house and the furniture arrangement. And. that upstairs spacious playroom that I'm talking about? Well, the current owner had a snooker table in it, as well as fitness machines. The woman said, her husband is so conscious of his looks and even maintain a fat burner pills. Oh, how I would love to have it all now. That is the easiest way to burn this excess fats I have in my belly. So, I did told the hubby and, as he said, once we will get that house I will have all that fitness machine that I wanted. Now, he is talking!

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Stay young and wrinkle free..

Wrinkles are everyone's bigger fear in life. We like or not, as we aged, we all gonna get it. However, there is a solution to that and to prevent it, by simply using this new anti wrinkle cream. I've seen many middle aged people (which I will be in 10 years time) that used this kind of stuff and, they look really young for their age. So, when time comes that I needed one, I'll sure pick the best cream that will free me from wrinkles. Like others, I want to look good all the time but, I know that I will aged, eventually. But, maintaining our looks will be just as brilliant, isn't it? Must be, all of us want to stay as young as possible, wouldn't we? So, the best thing there is, to use this new anti wrinkle cream to prevent the ageing lines. We all need to look after ourselves as much as possible.

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@ Roman Villa

This is one of our outing during the August bank holiday weekend. Hubby was kind enough to take us to few places and Roman Villa was our first stop. The place was amazingly beautiful and those all mosaics flooring and designs are pretty awesome. Roman history fascinates me the most and I hope one day I will be able to visit the Rome and see the very old Gladiator stadium. One day.....

Anyway, here's the rest of the pictures during our Roman Villa trip...

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Important Vitamins

I lost track of how many vitamins my kids and I are taking before and now. I believe are a must-have as part of your daily diet. My eldest had about 5 kinds of vitamins way back in Philippines. And, as soon as we moved back here in England, she had to stop taking the 4 of them and I replaced it to the multivitamins. And so, the rest of my kids. But few months ago, I decided that they had to take an specific vitamin C besides the multi one. With that being said, I bought me and hubby a vitamin c serum yesterday too. We been taking a vitamin C since we got married. I personally think its the most important vitamins of all. So, in our house, you can always see loads of vitamins C stock in our cupboard, as I always make sure we don't run out.
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Possible Houses

Been viewing quite a few houses for the last couple days and we found the top 3 ones that we are going to offer. Fingers cross if they'll accept it. My top favourite is really a nice house with four good size bedrooms and a huge play room in the top floor. Plus, good spacious downstairs with a conservatory and quite a huge garden too. I'm just hoping we will get it with the price we offer. I'm too excited to move soon, as planned. Ah, those 3 possible houses we looked are pretty good and hopefully, we will get one of it in couple months time.
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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Desperately need a bigger Space..

Its been pretty hard for us for the last 2 months as we try to sell our Flat and every week there is a viewing, we got to clean up and clear the clutters away. Then, we got no offer at all. There is one viewer said, they wouldn't want to offer more than 15% off the asking price. Now, we are going to put this on to let so we can move in 3 months time. Oh, I can't wait! I am excited and so are the kids. Once it will happen, we will get the time to start cycling and do all the things that we are not able to do here in our very small PAD. It would be great to burn these excess fats we are all putting due to less exercise and space to move around. No garden is hard to deal with especially with 3 children involved. We could probably buy thermogenic fat burner to help us lose weight but, this could be more useful for hubby. Ah, we needed that space and garden badly. If only I could turn the time quicker.
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Best deal of Car Insurance

Talking about cars, if I have one in the future I would love to get the best car insurance with it. Saving is all I ever think of these days. Yeah, tight a**! That's me! When it comes to expenses, I always go for the one that I can get the best of my money. Like hubby, he always check and compare prices online and get the best deal out of it. We all want to save in every bills we are paying especially today that our economy is a little shaky. So, its always good to get an online quotes and pick the best deal available.
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Friday, 15 October 2010

Classic Car Show

I was able to witness another Classic car show again. And this time, it was in Blenheim Palace where Sir Winston Churchill's birthplace. The place was amazingly enchanting and huge land around it. I wanna go back there again next year because I wasn't able to stroll around the entire place, not even a view with there beautiful massive garden. But, I had so much fun looking around with classic cars and seen my dream car again. It was such a wonderful outing with my family and again, credit to the one and only tour guide, my hubby!

IMG_0215 IMG_0220

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Zits all over...

I don't know how many times I have been searching for the best acne products but seems none works for me. Lately, I have zits all over my face and its annoyingly disgusting. I must need to sleep longer and stop this staying late habit. Oh well, soon as I'm done with my researching and browsing online I would go to bed and maybe just continue my photo upload tomorrow. Ah, I wish I can just magic my zit to go away in a flash so, I will have the smooth acne-free face that I want. If only that easy, eh? Anyway, gotta go now and goodnight to you all.

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New Flooring needed

Hubby love decided to rent out our PAD and buy somewhere spacious enough for us all. The kids are getting to the age where garden is a must-have. Our space just ain't enough for them to run around and they get so frustrated sometimes and turn into a distraction then break toys or anything that they can see. But, before we let our place we need to re-decorate it and put a new flooring on. This discount laminate flooring could come so handy for us when time comes. Ah, I can't wait to get out in this small PAD though. December still a long way. That would be the time we target on moving out. Finger cross that things will fall into place.
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