Friday, 30 July 2010

A lil bit of Luxury

It kind of too much as we talked a lot about it and it never really happen. But one thing is for sure, once it'll happen we will get a treat for ourselves. A massage tables is in our list. A little taste of luxury at home is all we wanted. Hubby, is the most special person I rather want to have this little luxury treat as he works real hard just to provide us. He deserved to relax and chill after a long day from his work. So, massage table and a chair would be great. It sounds easy but the long wait is not over yet. We are still hoping and wishing for the quick processing.
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Random Photos

Hubby and I talked about my camera upgrades a lot. He said, I deserved to buy what I wanted (the full frame) because I worked hard to earn money. Well, I'm still in my maternity pay but soon it'll end as I only got few months left unpaid. However, I used my money to support my sisters university. Though, I save money for the camera I wanted but still I am unsure whether to spend it or just keep it in my bank as a my personal savings in case I don't get back to work yet. I am just thinking to upgrade to a cheaper model such as Canon 50D and will just buy a new lens to go with it. Ah, my 400D still doing great and since I've got few lenses I can get the picture I wanted. All I need is just few fancy settings in the Camera and I can see that 50D will give my satisfaction. I can always get my full frame dream later on. Definitely my 2 and a half years old DSLR still gives me a better shots. Here's some proof below with a little tweak in Photoshop.

Emptiness...Textured FlowerWhite FlowersGreen Thumb

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Birthday Wish list

Last night, me and my daughter talked about her upcoming 9th birthday. I asked her what she would like to do or what she'd wish to have on her special day. And, she mentioned all these things; netbook, camera, call cards, healthy crisp maker and a surprise birthday party. Quite a short list indeed! But, I'm sure within 3 months she'll add some more. Well, I was thinking to get her xbox 360 but its a shame its not in her wish list. Or, I can just get one for her as her main Christmas presents. Ah, now that's what where talking - two close event really. I could do a joint present, perhaps. No wonder we're always broke every winter. Too many birthdays plus holidays. Huh, have to work even harder now and save so we can afford when time comes.
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Banned? Who?

I have to make this issue clear, okay. I'm sure you all wanna know about who's banned? Okay, I checked my flickr and got an email notifications which notify me that I was banned from a group. Geez, no reason given at all. I reckon its because I don't usually visit the members that often or shall I say I don't visit them at all. I understand flickr groups rules and maybe I don't qualify. No harm done and no hurt feelings. I have more important things to do rather visiting everyone's uploads. I've got kids to feed and look after 24/7 so my time is very limited. Therefore, they can banned me all they like. It's my first time being banned and its quite funny.
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Hubby and his ties...

I lose count of how many ties my son ripped. He played with it and tied them around his toys. Hubby get so annoyed with it and shouted him most of the time. I must say, that mens ties are not that cheap especially hubby who don't like cheap made ones . He refuse to wear or but buy the current trend. I can't even buy him any because it'll only add to his pile of junk in his closet. So, I let him buy his own and he is happy about it. Ties plays important role is life. After all, he's a man and he needed it. Its the only accessories he is quite obsessed about. I can't blame him for that as there's loads of crap made ties around. Definitely, you get what you pay for. So, I'm glad there is this online site that sell great men ties that I can assure hubby will wear.

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

10th of April - Family Day out

10th of April - family, originally uploaded by ©Shuttercraze:).

It was a beautiful day once again. So, me and my family headed to our favourite place to hang out. It's close, very child friendly and fun. If there's anything that is called perfect then I'll call it.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Business idea...

If you are my Flickr and Facebook friends then you'll know how crazy I upload photos more in my Flickr though. I've got like 6 and a half thousands of photos uploaded and yet I have 10 thousands that I haven't share. Gosh, can you imagine how quick and easy I filled my HD. I just got an upgrade 6 months ago but it looks like I need another upgrade because I nearly run out of space. Yeah, photography definitely consumed most of my time. Sad but true! I can't keep up my photos anymore, I just upload few good ones unlike before I upload every single shot I have in my compact. I somehow thought of setting up a business online or build a studio. Ah, any thing that I can make some moolah instead of just sitting all day in front of my PC. It's certainly a waste of time! I'm penny less every minute! But Studio certainly needs a big capital to start with. So, I pondering about testosterone cream if it is a good business? Hmmmm, now this is an idea! Got to discuss with the hubby first. Will keep you all posted!

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Getting Old

When I opened my YM this morning the first words I've seen and read was my friends status... "Skinny little bitch"...What the hell? That was my first reaction. I never knew it was just a title of current song. [LAUGHED] Well, its no surprised that I am getting old. I'm so behind the music trend. Before, when I was teenager I'm always updated but now I am more into Photography, networking, housewife and a mother. Oh well, we all get to this stage of life where we don't get bothered anymore of what's the latest trend out there. Maybe not quite when it comes to clothes and shoes as I am very updated about it. But music and other things, I can honestly say that I have no clue anymore. Okay, enough for this rant. I'll better check out apidexin before going to bed. It's getting late in here already and I badly need my sleep.
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Burger with egg

Another night of unsuccessful meal. Imagine, I had a huge burger with egg and pancit cantoon (noodles). How can I get to my target weight in 3 weeks? Lately, I weighed myself and glad to know I am now 103 lbs (morning before food) but if I am full my weigh increases to 105 lbs. My plan is to cutting down my unhealthy snacking in between meals. But seems to be that my appetite is stronger these days that I can't help but eat. Oh well, I'll just need to exercise more. Today, I beg hubby to get Kath's bike in my in-law's garage so I could use it tomorrow afternoon cycling all the way to the park and forth. Huh, I am determine now but in the morning I'll be tempted to have a full breakfast again.

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My order prints has arrived

I have been ordering prints of my photos of my kids from Flickr account via snapfish. If your a flickr member then you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, the prints arrived very fast and I'm very impressed of the quality. I'm really satisfied of my orders and I could order some more anytime in the future. Its cheaper way of getting prints online than doing it myself. It made me wonder what sort of printer they've used? Well, as much as I want a new printer I also need this 108R00723 xerox. I'll see what can Father Christmas brings me this year. It depends if I'm good or not, I guess.

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Arundel + Amberley Road trip

One of the reason why I love driving down to my PIL's place is its phenomenal countryside view that I'm so in love with. Its a perfect place to unwind because it has this phenomenal countryside view along the way. Plus, when you get to the city you won't get squash by strangers walking along the high street as it is not so crowded. It's only a very small but charming city with varieties of shops, restaurants, boutique, antique shops and many others. Also, it has one of the most well known castle in Britain. Few photos I took during that day ( 20th June 2010 - Father's day outing) at Arundel City. Castle and Cathedral looks beautiful from a far but its even more beautiful up close. I'm lucky that my parents in-law just live so close so every time we visit the city we can always drop by at their place for a rest.

Arundel City & its castleAmberley cliffArundel - heading to Lido_MG_5981Amberley drivethe favourite spot of mineArundel Cathedral

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Eyebag problem

My eyebag is pretty noticeable these days and it worries me that I somehow I'll make it worst by how little sleep I get each night. I have had sleepless nights for weeks now because my little one is becoming even more demanding especially that he is teething. Its also been few days now that he is ill. He's temperature has been going up and down like a Yoyo. So, sleeping would be the last thing I could think of doing. That is why I'm so looking tired and it shows in the picture. I have been rubbing an under eye cream recently so hopefully it'll help. I know stages like this are difficult but as a Mum I am willing to sacrifice for my kids sake.

tired eyes

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Few more weeks...

until my kids school finishes. Christian's break-up will be on the 16th while Kath will be on the 22nd of July. So, I am excited because I'll have 5 weeks of rest from getting up early in the morning. Having said that, I just realised that its time for me to pick my eldest now. Just one more look of this very interesting subject, a human growth hormone supplements just to read an information and description about it. From its name, I already know what it is for but additional knowledge would help even more.
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Moments with my youngest

Time goes! That is why I always took advantage of moments like this. Soon before I know it, my youngest would be running away from me and refusing hugs and kisses just like my older two. I have to enjoy while it last as babies grows so fast these days. Here some captured moments with my little one.

31 May 201031ofMay2010

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Blackheads treatment

Aside from losing weight I also fight against blackheads. About few years ago when I started using a stronger blackheads treatment and yes it works but the problem was, it keeps me out from the sun. I have to hide from the sun all the time or I'll get my face damage. So, only used it for a year just to get rid of my spot scarce and blackheads. So, I wonder if I could find a milder one that helps me remove blackheads but still I can enjoy outdoors. You know what I mean? To be honest, I was using a whitening cream before and that was the problem because I have to keep myself in the shade. So, I decided to just stop using it and used a normal facial wash and cream but I noticed my blackheads ain't fading. A milder blackhead treatment would be great.
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Fighting to get back..

I have been so determined lately to work out but unfortunately that thought remained only in my mind. I have not done anything apart from pigging out and that's the reason why I weigh more than I should be. The big challenge is to lose all this excess meat in me before the 7th of August. Me and the family are invited for my husband's boss wedding day. I saw a beautiful dress that I fancy to wear but that won't look great on me unless I lose weight. So, I rather start my diet today so I would be able to wear that very specific dress. Hubby will be doing the same too. We can both do it! We will fight our appetite for a month just to be fit and trim on that very special occasion.

wear a smile wherever you go...Chubby tsotso....

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Morning routine

It's Tuesday morning the 6th of July 2010 - it means I have to get my self moving for I have lots of work ahead of me today. Glad that Kath already knows how to help herself for her breakfast then now she is showered and about to put her uniform on. My 4 yr old is waiting for me to clean his bum, lol. Then, I have to give him cereals for his breakfast. Both of them has an early start. Okay, just a quick look of 7-dfbx review then I'm off to my morning routine. Oh, before I forget, I have to wish everyone a great day!

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Saturday, 3 July 2010

My day Ahead....

I am about to get off in an hour to go shopping for our outfits. Yes, I am not that organise, alright? Also, I'm hoping to do some ironing before we head out to Wimbledon later after lunch time. Oh, got to check few things online too including tm-t88iv. Ah, what a busy day ahead of me - I'm struggling to cope up. A helper would be nice, just a wishful thought. Okay, gotta go now and I wish all my readers a great weekend! Oh, happy 4th of July to the Americans!
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My Passion in "Photography" - I just wanted to do better and better each day. I'll self practice with the help of tutorials, books and magazines and not to mention my very own mentor "the husband". My passion began when I was only a young child back 20 years ago. I have always dreamed of having my own camera but unfortunately my parents could not afford one. I used to be fascinated (and still is) with all the PRO photographers in our town. I had my first studio pictures when I was just few months old but sadly Mum either lost all my photos or more likely she didn't get it from the studio. Again, for the lack of money! The second time around was with my cousin and elder sisters and that's when I was only 7 yrs old and still got a copy of it back home in my sister's traditional family album.

Anyway, the bigger I was the more I'm dying to have my very first camera. My dream was granted 10 years back, I was 18 yrs old when I first got my ever film camera (PENTAX). I used to photograph places I visited around Philippines, myself and my friends as well as my family. I have loads back at home and it was fun to see all my various capture. Then my passion has grown over the years and only few years ago when I discover DLSR. Now, I am capturing the beautiful life of my family (specifically my kids) which I enjoyed every minute!

Motor homes?Simply Canongirl (♥ ♥ ♥ IMAGINE... You may say I'm a dreamer... But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us... and the World will live as One! by-John Lennon♥ ♥ ♥)My kids at their Grandparent's place.....SOOC

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Early browser

I can't believe I am this early tapping keyboard browsing for POS systems, ever heard of it? I am keen to find out what it is all about. Who knows it could be a good use in the long run. Oh, by the way, we're going to Wimbledon today for our first family studio portrait. After 2 failed attempt last year, we're going to make it finally this year and that is today. Hooray! Well, I was not approving of this because I wanted to take our family photo myself but it seems no one trusted my ability so I given up the idea. [SULKED]! I'm kidding folks. Have a great day ahead!

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Friday, 2 July 2010

We needed a new Door lock

Why is it after giving birth the time seems to go so quickly? When I was still huge (pregnant) time was so slow like it goes on forever. Now, my youngest is already nearly 5 months old. In a few months time I'll be going back to work. Ah, life for me is so great. Anyway, I just literally came back from sending my 4 yr old to school. It's quite a hot day out there, gladly I covered myself with tanning lotion as if I don't have a natural protection but its better safe than sorry. Alright, I have to stop myself from being idle here in the PC because I've got stuff to do. I only got an hour before I head out again to pick my 4 yr old. Oh just as I remember that I needed to buy a new door locks because our one got broken couple days ago. Gotta replace it soon as possible!

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Its passed my bedtime....

Once again, I'm late of my bedtime. I didn't plan to stay this late but I was getting carried away uploading photos in my photo album. And the same time browsing and came across with spring plungers that is sound so interesting. Only that, my eyes are really heavy now, I definitely need to go to the bed. I think I'll just check it out in the morning after I drop the kids to school. Okay, goodnight!

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Shot down

I just came from my flickr friend's stream and what a great information he just shared. It's about this prominent hotelier guy from my hometown (CEBU CITY). Park Lane Hotel, heard of it? Well, the owner was murdered yesterday 29th of June 2010. Gosh, how sad!

Out of a blue

So late at night here but still I am browsing around and my purpose of staying this late was supposedly to edit and upload the rest of my so many photos into my flickr but found Mesothelioma treatment very interesting read instead, just came out of a blue really. Anyway, I should get some sleep now as I have an early start tomorrow.