Friday, 3 December 2010

Sweet little Angel Kath

Proudly showing a montage of my little amazing model to-be! Just simply proud of her and she knows that. For whatever she do - she do it well and she is not only beautiful, she is also intellectual. As a Mother of this girl - I couldn't be more prouder and can't ask for more. I know there are loads of people out there who underestimate my daughter - they might not say it straight to my face, but I can always smell something fishy around and, many are obviously intrigued of her tan skin. Freaking obsessed of a pale skin! Can't just accept the simple truth of life and what is being given and be content of it. Besides, its the inner beauty that counts the most. Also, we are God's children - it means we are all beautiful in his eyes. Our daughter is what she is - a tan skin but beautiful inside and out, I say so, because its the simple fact. We're proud and she is truly a God sent! We're lucky and blessed parent to have her in our life.

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