Sunday, 12 December 2010

Crowded Mall...

Yesterday, me and the family went to the mall shopping right after the kids bowling party. Our mentioned was to buy all the kids outfit for Christmas and this weekend's Christmas lunch dinner with the the family. Also, I am specifically looking an outfit for my little fella but unfortunately didn't see a his size. Daddy on the other hand was not so inspired for this year's present. We really don't know what to get for each of the family this year. My mother in-law's my sister in-law and everyone else. Huh, Christmas shopping can be quite stressful, you know. I hope we can do all this within this week. Mind you, we only have 2 weeks for it all. Plus, the mall are so crowded and that add even more stress to our shopping. Hubby and I hates the crowd, can't stand it!

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