Thursday, 30 December 2010

Replacing kitchen units

Christmas is over! Now, we are about to celebrate and welcome the year 2011. Any new years resolution? Me, I'll just be grabbing another chance to make things right. Like, browsing for kitchen faucets and see if there is any great deal before buying. We are replacing few units in our kitchen as it is been over 5 years since this units are installed. Washing machine, cooker and kitchen faucets and now its about time to change it all. Hubby is already out checking few stores and I am doing the same here online. Its always best to compare prices before buying as few savings always count! So, let me handle this business before fixing lunch. It's getting late!
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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Our New house

Its been nearly 6 years since we moved here in the UK. Hubby lived in my country for more than 6 years and 4 years was being with me before we finally decided to come back here in UK for good. I visited UK for 2 months before we finalised the decision. In that short period of time, hubby bought this 2Bedroom flat so, I can get my visa quickly as a proof that we have a place to live once we get here. It served its purposed! We even stayed longer than we planned. Yes, it has been our home for over 6 years. We got a little cramp and squash as we produced another 2 kids. But, we never thought that we would still be in this FLAT until now. You have no idea how frustrated we were to moved to a bigger place. We tried to move as planned, few years ago but failed to sell our Flat due to the huge fall of house market. It simply wasn't the best time to sell so, we waited until this year - and this year its happening. We finally bought a 5 Bedroom detached house. It has betterbathrooms too and with really 4 good size bedroom. The fifth one is just alright but, the garden is also quite spacious back and front. Its a beautiful house though a little further from the town but still walkable enough. I'm so happy and thrilled and can't wait to move in. Few more weeks maybe the 3 week of January. We are just waiting for the paperworks completion. Sooner or later, we are moving house:) Excited!

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Ear Infection

I suffered an ear infection this week. It started on Monday on Sunday right after my bath. Thanks to my very own Doctor for knowing what it was that cause me pain. My ear was like blocked the whole week and even until now. I've taken two medicines and thanks Goodness I am a lot better today. The ear infection caused me a very high temperature and body aches for few days. But today, I feeling a lot better! Though, the ear infection is not totally gone. If its still there by tomorrow then I might need to see a GP just to get a proper prescription for an ear drops. We couldn't just buy it from the Pharmacy without a prescription from them. Hubby tried this trick yesterday and didn't work. Oh least my temperature is now back to normal.

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Shopping, shopping and Shopping!

It's Sunday and shop are bound to shut at 4pm today so, we have to keep moving or else we would not buy the things we needed to buy. Me and hubby agreed a deal and that, he will sneak out and buy the kids presents while I look after them for few hours then, he'll come and pick us up so we could go shopping for the rest of the present today. Let me check out Cyber Monday deals. It look very promising - who knows, I might even get hubby's present in here. Sounds discreet and invisible to everyone's eyes. I like it this way. I could really surprise him on this holiday season. The thing is, I have no clue what to get him. But, I have to see what's available for him.
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Crowded Mall...

Yesterday, me and the family went to the mall shopping right after the kids bowling party. Our mentioned was to buy all the kids outfit for Christmas and this weekend's Christmas lunch dinner with the the family. Also, I am specifically looking an outfit for my little fella but unfortunately didn't see a his size. Daddy on the other hand was not so inspired for this year's present. We really don't know what to get for each of the family this year. My mother in-law's my sister in-law and everyone else. Huh, Christmas shopping can be quite stressful, you know. I hope we can do all this within this week. Mind you, we only have 2 weeks for it all. Plus, the mall are so crowded and that add even more stress to our shopping. Hubby and I hates the crowd, can't stand it!

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Simple Wishes...

Its already 10 minutes past 6pm and I haven't done any cooking at all. I'm stuck here in my PC browsing and reading digital camcorder reviews since, I'm thinking of getting one this Christmas. Our current one still working but its in pieces after our neighbour run down on it. Such a shame for it is a nice camcorder and paid quite a lot of money when we bought it a a year and a half ago. It was my wedding anniversary present from hubby and who would have thought it would be smashed by a car? Accident happen for a reason...and, that reason have a new camcorder. Oh, Santa hear our wish this Christmas:)
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Icy road..

Its nearly a week since the snow but still the ice on the pavement are hard as rock that made me difficult to push my baby in the pushchair. It is a struggle to go send my kids to school and pick them up. I don't know why the council didn't make an effort to spread salt in it for people's safety. Ah, its quite terrifying really walking on that slippery pavement. I just hope it will melt soon. Is that cold that until now there is ice after a week of snow. Oh, wintry buggery life!

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Monday, 6 December 2010

Rapid Detox

I bet there are loads of family who wishes that there is this thing as "magic pill" to help their loved ones whom are alcoholics or addicts. I know it can be so frustrating at times to find a better place to treat them so they could get back to their own feet. But, there is always another great option out there, nevertheless. A rapid detox is one great treatment. It might not be instant but I can assure that they will heal and be back to normal in no time. This service is very promising and willing to help each and one of you out there who seek a happy life. If in doubt then why not check the site now?

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Just done watching "Twilight - Eclipsed" and I thought it was alright. Never expect Bella to be in love with Jacob, perhaps I should read the books. Anyway, I'm not really into it but it happens that my kids especially my daughter likes it so, I left with no choice but watch it with them. Now, my lot can't wait for the next movie which is going to be coming out next year Nov 2010 (part 1 of the finale) then, the part 2 is going to come out the year after Nov 2012. Huh, at least there is something we can look forward each year.

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Getting there...

Gladly, the temperature drop a little bit today and that the snow are finally melting down. Not all, but most of it. The kids are exciting to play one more time before it finally go away. However, I am not in the mood to play along with them so, its going to be Daddy's job today as it is weekend. I had them pretty much most of the week so, its just fair for me to have that little break. On the other hand, while they'll play outside, I'm going to compare term life insurance and hoping we will get the best deal out of it. Ah, never endless task and making sure we don't spend more than we should be. Its all about saving and counting every penny! Oh, how I wish the economy will recover soon. It's getting harder to budget accordingly. Ah, we will get there eventually.

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kath's 9th b-day (5th Nov 2010)

Despite of her chickenpox, Kath still enjoyed her birthday celebration with the family. She had a great time as well as with friends. This year she had about 3 birthday party, not Grand but enough to make her the happiest celebrant in the whole wide world. She was so contented!


My mobile contract is going to expire in the next 6 months and I'm pondering of getting a blackberry playbook along with my new contract. Blackberry is becoming more popular these days and not to mention their great unlimited internet with it, cool aps and games. It can be so handy at times especially when I'm away at home and still I'll be able to communicate my family back in Philippines. Blackberry is my next mobile and that is final. Oh, I can't wait to have one - it seems that 6 months is a long way to wait. But, time certainly flies!

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Grateful Sabbath

Woke up fresh and ready to start my Saturday morning with a smile. Grab a cup of green tea and a piece of Chocolate. Now, I'm good to go! Told hubby I have to buy more lights for my tree and maybe Christmas accessories for my princess and as well as to my 2 princes. God is so good and I'm feeling so blessed indeed! Every single day of my life, I am thankful and grateful for God is always with us. Happy first Sabbath of December to ya' all!Technorati Profile

Friday, 3 December 2010

Shop for the best deal

Few days ago hubby was shopping for cheap health insurance online and found some great deals. Besides of that stuff, he's also looking for another insurances such as life and house content insurance. These list of stuff is absolutely necessary and are the prime things a family must have. It can cost a lot of money if you don't know how to compare quotes prices before committing to it. Luckily, I have a husband who is good at that so, we end up paying less that most people do. So, I suggest shop around first and then find the best deal available in the market.
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Sweet little Angel Kath

Proudly showing a montage of my little amazing model to-be! Just simply proud of her and she knows that. For whatever she do - she do it well and she is not only beautiful, she is also intellectual. As a Mother of this girl - I couldn't be more prouder and can't ask for more. I know there are loads of people out there who underestimate my daughter - they might not say it straight to my face, but I can always smell something fishy around and, many are obviously intrigued of her tan skin. Freaking obsessed of a pale skin! Can't just accept the simple truth of life and what is being given and be content of it. Besides, its the inner beauty that counts the most. Also, we are God's children - it means we are all beautiful in his eyes. Our daughter is what she is - a tan skin but beautiful inside and out, I say so, because its the simple fact. We're proud and she is truly a God sent! We're lucky and blessed parent to have her in our life.

Snowy days 4...

It's another day of snow! I will be out later to play with the kids again. Bare in mind, this is our 4th day playing in the snow and still the excitement is endless. Ah, soon after I browse though this metal buildings I would get the kids ready and wrap them up warmly to be able to stay for at least an hour or so. My 4 year old is not a fan of cold or snow. Soon as it gets to his hand then his off back inside. Ah, strange, huh? Knowing that he is winter baby or born in this cold country. Well, to those who love snow (like me), we will certainly take advantage of this time. It only happen once a year, at least. I hate cold but, I love snow!
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Thursday, 2 December 2010

dang it!

I was browsing/shopping at After five designs and saw this beautiful Christmas kit that are designed by Holly - added it to my cart and surprisingly enough, when I got to checkout I can't log in, I forgot my password. Been trying to recover it but no luck and trying to register as a new customer but, unfortunately, all my email address are in used. Heck, what's going wrong but I ain't gonna shop on that store ever again. Ah, I just can't think of any wrong and I'm sure my password and email addresses that I type was all correct. Dang it!

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